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Where to Get Caelumite in Starfield

Starfield Where to Get Caelumite

Starfield players will be quick to realize that Caelumite is an extremely rare resource that they can collect while surveying planets and rocks. It’s used for spacesuit modifications that are feasible with the Spacesuit Workbench, and the Settled Systems are thirsty for such a material. Unlike the other resources in Starfield, Caelumite can’t be picked up by ordinary planetary scanning. Instead, a little bit of extra effort is required here.

Starfield Where to Get Caelumite

If you’re a bold Spacefarer who is looking to acquire Caelumite as you continue to complete quests in Starfield, then look no further with our guide. We’ll show you where you can get your hands on the resource in question, as well as its availability for crafting purposes. In time, you’ll have plenty of Caelumite to use and sell, you just need to know where to look as you go from one rock to the next in Starfield.

How to Get Caelumite

Starfield players can get Caelumite by either visiting Artifact sites and/or Gravitational Anomalies that your scanner can pick up while traversing the ground. While in scan mode, your database will register Caelumite with the Ct element symbol in orange. Then, equip your Cutter to harvest the resource once you find some.

As you obtain Caelumite, take note of its weight and value. With a mass of only 0.30 per unit to complement a value of 264 credits, stocking up on the resource in question is highly recommended. While you may utilize it to workshop your spacesuits, you can always sell them to a vendor for some sweet monetary gain. Be sure to take advantage of your Outpost containers to store as much Caelumite as you can while progressing through Starfield.

One helmet mod to consider when collecting Caelumite is Gravitic Composites, which helps reduce enemy detection. You only need a few resources, and the recipe is as follows:

  • Caelumite (x3)
  • Adhesive (x2)
  • Microsecond Regulator (x1)
Starfield Caelumite Scan

Expert Tip

Caelumite is a bit tougher to crack with your Cutter in Starfield. Luckily for you, aiming down with your Cutter equipped will supercharge its firepower to harvest resources more quickly. Its fuel will run out a bit more swiftly, but this will help save you some time if you’re looking to grab a sufficient amount of Caelumite for the road.

Artifact Sites

Caelumite, unlike the other resources in Starfield, is a fictional material that is exclusive to the Settled Systems. This is because the resource is connected with the main story’s mysteries that concern the Artifacts you collect with Constellation. You could say that it is out of this world, and it truly is. The resource is rarely used in crafting recipes and research projects, which is why some players prefer to sell the material to a vendor for some credits.

Of course, you’ll need to manipulate Starfield by waiting around and passing the time if you end up running a vendor’s pocket dry of credits. This is feasible with any available seat and/or bed, where a 24-hour cycle can be utilized to help speed up the respawn process for a vendor and for yourself.

The Artifact Sites in particular will house Caelumite nodes for you to break apart. You can easily find the material coating parts of an Artifact, which you’re then required to shatter in order to retrieve the quest object for Constellation. In short, you’ve already encountered the rare resource just by starting up a new game.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to harvest the Caelumite before you interact with an Artifact. Coming into contact with an Artifact will transport you away from its holding, away from the secretive area that houses deposits of the resource in question.


Much like when you can locate outposts, caves, natural sites, and landing sites, your scanner can detect anomalies. Unique loot, enemy interference, and mission progression do not play a role here. Instead, the Gravitational Anomalies act as pieces of strange lore for you to gaze your eyes upon.

Starfield NASA Launch Tower Quest

The description will read: “Multiple gravitational anomalies converged at this location and remain locked with each other.” That’s pretty much what you’ll gain from this experience, complete with some XP for using your scanning skills in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith