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How to Find Your Outpost in Starfield

Starfield Outpost Location

During your time in Starfield, it becomes quickly apparent that you’ll need to establish Outposts for resource extractions, storage containers, planetary study, and other duties. Down the line in the game’s narrative, putting together Outposts are introduced, though players can access the feature at any time they choose. However, operating the bases in Starfield isn’t exactly streamlined. As with some of the other mechanics that aren’t outright taught, some guidance is needed here.

Starfield Outpost Location

For this guide, we’ll show Starfield players how to find and operate their Outposts across the Settled Systems. It’s not rocket science, though the entire coursework of locating a set of planetary sites does involve a few notes to consider. Whether you’re looking to locate an Outpost that you’ve forgotten about or even rename one that you’ve built somewhere on a planet, we’ve got you covered.

How to Find Your Outpost

Starfield players can locate their established Outposts by accessing the game’s Starmap and searching for the white trapezoid icon with an opening in the middle. By default, the name of the settlement will be designated according to the planet or moon that it’s on. You can view this by hovering over the site’s location on the Starmap, where you can then commence to land your ship.

As you open your Starmap, the Outpost icon will be situated next to each accompanying star system where you’ve built a base or two. Select a system that contains one to see which planets and moons are currently managing your scanned territories.

How to Track Outpost Locations

When it comes down to considering the Outpost locations, you can easily refer to the Starmap for precise coordinates. Furthermore, assigned crew members of Constellation can also be managed through the game’s menu. For this, go through the menu to access the Ship section. At the bottom of the next screen, select the Crew option to open the Crew Roster. Here, you can assign and unassign companions to Outposts and your current ship.

Starfield Sarah Morgan

How Many Outposts Can You Have?

Evidently, any Starfield player can’t abide with just one site in the Settled Systems. Constellation allows all beginning Spacefarers to construct up to eight Outposts. This number is on display under your character status in the menu. Go through the Crafting section to find the number of bases that you’ve built.

You don’t have to stop at eight, though. The Planetary Habitation Master Skill under the Science skill tree allows Spacefarers to build up to 24 Outposts. Since it is a Rank 4 skill, it will take some time to acquire it, depending on your individual playthrough. Nonetheless, its progression requires the player to continuously build their bases across the Settled Systems to unlock more opportunities for construction.

Starfield New Outpost on Moon

Along with the number in question, here is what the Crafting section will inform in terms of stats:

  • Weapon Mods Crafted
  • Armor Mods Crafted
  • Organic Resources Gathered
  • Inorganic Resources Gathered
  • Chems Crafted
  • Food Cooked
  • Outposts Built
  • Objects Built
  • Cargo Links Established

Expert Tip

Once players begin to dabble in resource management and base operations, they can increase their range of module installations by attaining the Outpost Engineering Expert Skill (Rank 3) under the Science skill tree. Basic construction recipes are readily available for your settlements, though you can make the most out of them with this particular skill. This is feasible with research and development by building different unique modules.

How to Rename Your Outpost

Upon establishing a base in space, the game will automatically give it a name unless you otherwise make some changes. As mentioned before, the default names will be designated with the corresponding planet or moon that’s built on and a number. An example is below with the Tau Ceti II base on display with the Mantis.

Starfield Rename Outpost

You can change the name of your base at any point by simply approaching the site’s beacon and interacting with it. You’ll be given the “Build” and “Rename options”, with the latter alternatively providing the “Remove Outpost” decision if you need to move some storage around.

The Outposts in Starfield can lead to countless possibilities in regard to farming resources. As you look through the Starmap, each planet and moon will provide useful information that can help determine the next coordinates for a new base. Just be sure to be mindful of how many you’ve built by accessing the aforementioned Status menu under the Crafting section for your character.

Written by Andrew Smith