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How to Board Ships in Starfield

Starfield Board Ships

Space is the place for everyone in Starfield. That goes for the good, the bad, and the ugly forces that travel within and beyond the Settled Systems. If you’re embarking on a darker path in the game, you’re likely to possess some sort of criminal behavior. And, like a proper space pirate would, you can board ships and then steal them for your selfish benefit.

Starfield Board Ships

It may sound like a simple process, but boarding enemy ships, looting, and then stealing them is a mission to consider carefully. You have to keep in mind that you’re committing heinous acts that could tick off the wrong people, whether they’re the authorities or not. This is also applicable for retaliation if pirate ships attempt to take you out, only to face the opposite consequences of their troubled mistakes as you fight back. With these points in mind, let’s see how we can board ships in Starfield. It’s time to lock and load.

How to Board Ships and Loot Them

Starfield players can board ships by flying close to them while in a ship with the docking mechanic. This is achievable with the Targeting Control Systems Skill under the Novice tree. It is a Novice skill, so it is readily available to acquire early on in the game to help get things going.

To weaken an enemy ship, utilize the aforementioned Targeting Control Systems Skill to damage the engines. Your targeting functions will be more focused, allowing you to concentrate fire on specific ship parts. This will cause the hostile spacecraft to lose dependable power, forcing it to remain still and dull in space. From there, get within range of your target, then dock your ship to board the enemy spaceship upon the prompt to do so.

Whenever you fight against enemy ships, you’ll need to deal with all of them until one remains standing (or flying, in this case). This guarantees that you won’t face further interference once you’re onboard an enemy ship.

Starfield Space Combat

How to Steal Enemy Ships

Once the coast is clear, resources are looted, and you’re still in good health, the enemy ship will be yours for the taking. To steal a ship, approach the spacecraft’s cockpit then sit down on the pilot’s seat. A message will appear: “You have commandeered a new ship. If you land on a planet or grav jump to another star system, this ship will become your Home Ship. Any quest objects or passengers in your previous Home Ship will be transferred to your new Home Ship.”

Expert Tip

The act of stealing a ship essentially means that you need to take control of an enemy ship to escape. There’s a good chance that higher-leveled foes may cross paths with you. Always be prepared for a tough fight with cooked meals and drugs to help you in combat, even if it may seem like the odds are in your favor. This also goes for your choice of weaponry whenever you’re about to take away someone’s ship.

Not every ship is up for grabs as soon you deal with the enemies that were previously onboard their spaceship. Starfield features different ship classes that are locked away from early usage. This includes Class B and C ships. To pilot these, you’ll need the Piloting Tech Skill in the Novice range. It’s utilized for space combat, and the four Ranks will unlock new maneuvers to consider, as well as the aforementioned Class B and C ships.

How to Register Your New Ship

Of course, you can’t just get away with stolen property without giving something up first. Since you technically got away with the crime, you’ll need to properly register your new spaceship with a Ship Services Technician. Registering your new ships can be pricey, but this will ensure that you won’t have any trouble with the authorities if they happen to spot smuggled contraband. This employee is also responsible for buying and selling ship parts.

Starfield How to Buy and Sell Ship Parts

That’s all there is to it when we decide to board ships in Starfield. Be mindful of who you steal from. A bounty could be placed on your head, which makes the game a lot more difficult to get through. This usually concerns civilian ships, so watch out for who you tick off in Starfield. No one in space can hear you scream.

Written by Andrew Smith