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How to Change Character Appearance in Starfield

Starfield Enhance Clinic

It’s important to maintain a decent character appearance as we make our way across the many star systems in Starfield. Like with any Bethesda RPG experience in recent memory, players are free to build up their characters in any form that they like with the provided customization options. The same greatly applies to Starfield, where you can generate all types of unique looks. And since we’re in space, we have the option to change our character appearance once we’re ready for an extreme makeover.

Starfield Enhance Clinic

Indeed, Starfield allows its players to switch up their characters’ looks with state-of-the-art plastic surgery. Whether you need a facelift, altered tattoos, or just a different style overall, there’s one promising brand that you can depend on. What’s great is that the process is quick and cheap, allowing anyone to change up their character appearance at any given time. Therefore, this guide will show you how you can switch up your Starfield appearance when you’re ready for a new look.

How to Change Your Character Appearance

Starfield players can change their character appearance by visiting any of the Enhance (stylized as ENHANCE!) genetic salons in the Settled Systems. This is possible at locations that are situated in civilian-filled districts, spaceports, and lawful star stations. These medical facilities specialize in cosmetic surgery, allowing you to switch up your look for only 500 Credits. Simply enter any Enhance clinic, speak with the surgery specialist, pay the fee, and then indulge in the character customization to your liking.

Starfield Change Character Appearance

Keep in mind that you can only alter your character appearance, and not their background. You can’t commit to a Total Recall scenario by committing to a whole different life. Your skills and origins remain the same. The only way to change these around is to start a new game in Starfield. Your body and face are the only options that you can adjust at Enhance.

For us, we took an easy trip to the Cydonia settlement on Mars in the Sol system. We briefly spoke with Dr. Ifeanyi Adigule about changing our character appearance, and he informed us that loads of folks participate in the process. Our Spacefarer went through a few alterations before walking away with a new and improved face.

You are free to switch up your character’s look however you want in the same way that the initial character customization worked out. Hair, facial features, eye color, tattoos, scars/marks, and everything in between are available here. You aren’t restricted to how much you can alter, either, by the way. The 500 Credit fee remains the same, which is extremely cheap when you think of how expensive the Settled Systems are from one rock to the next.

Starfield Enhance Pod

ENHANCE! in the Settled Systems

Of course, Cydonia isn’t the only location to find yourself an Enhance Clinic. As aforementioned, many of the major settlements and civilian districts will contain one of these clinics. If there is a medical center, then you can bet that you can spot an Enhance clinic nearby. If you do happen to pass by a medical facility, be sure to stop inside and purchase any medical supplies that you’ll need throughout your time in Starfield.

Here are some other locations that house an Enhance clinic for you to visit and keep in mind if Cydonia isn’t your favorite place to stop by:

  • Akila City (located on Akila in the Cheyenne system)
  • Neon (located on Volii Alpha in the Volii system)
  • New Atlantis (located on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system)
  • Paradiso (located on Porrima II in the Porrima system)

Expert Tip

Depending on your background and character activity, you might not be friends with the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective governments, especially if you specialize in smuggling contraband and stealing ships. If you wish to avoid these forces, stick with the Paradiso location, an independently owned luxury resort that doesn’t have ties to the space governments. There’s also a Trade Authority stand that you can utilize to make some extra credits.

Starfield ENHANCE! ad

Granted, there may be more locations scattered throughout the Settled Systems, though these listed clinics are safe, dependable, and easy to access. Whenever you visit a settlement, be on the lookout for the ENHANCE! advertisements (as pictured above). This is a guaranteed sign that a genetic salon is close by.

Written by Andrew Smith