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How to Pick Locks in Starfield

Starfield Sarah Morgan

Hacking is an essential aspect of the Starfield experience, and it comes in the form of picking open locked containers, doors, and computer systems. This is feasible from the get-go, with your Spacefarer character possessing enough skill to hack into basic locked content throughout the Settled Systems. However, advanced locks do play a part here, for which you’ll need to progressively pick locks in order to bypass the higher-level areas.

Starfield Sarah Morgan

As with any other Bethesda game in recent memory, lockpicking is a vital feature that can bring new opportunities for your gameplay. In Starfield, lockpicking is basically hacking, as the sci-fi setting moves on from the typical lockpicking mechanic to something more digital. Indeed, utilizing bobby pins and screwdrivers won’t be anywhere near the Settled Systems. So how exactly do you pick locks in Starfield? Allow us to show you the process of lockpicking in space.

How to Pick Locks

To pick locks in Starfield, you’ll need to use Digipicks to crack open locked containers, doors, and security systems. A Digipick is the game’s futuristic hacking tool, and players can start using it right from the start of their Starfield adventures.

By having one or more in your inventory, approach a locked system to commence the lockpicking minigame. A Digipick will then be consumed as soon as you begin the hacking process. To successfully open the locked combination sequence, you’ll need to quickly study the number of open slots that can complement the full lock. The distance between the slots is also important to consider here. It’s all a matter of figuring out which picks go with what locked option.

Starfield How to Pick Locks

Because of this, it is dreadfully possible that you could waste away Digipicks if you’ve had some sort of miscalculation. A failed attempt can be disastrous if you don’t have a sufficient number of Digipicks to use. Ensure that the open slots fit perfectly with your Digipick. Just be mindful of how many you have in your inventory before going too crazy with the lockpicking minigame.

Expert Tip

Digipicks don’t grow on trees. Whenever you visit a central hub in the Settled Systems – or any location that has a vendor, in fact – purchase as many Digipicks as you can by buying them and then waiting around to respawn a vendor’s inventory. Supply may be limited, but your time doesn’t have to be. Also, keep a sharp eye open as you traverse through the many areas of the game. Digipicks are retrievable by looting as well. You can find them in the Miscellaneous section of your inventory.

Starfield Lockpicking Door

How to Upgrade Lockpicking Skill

Of course, not every locked door can be picked open upon starting up your Starfield adventures. This is why you must invest a Skill point into the Security Novice skill from the Tech skill tree. You can acquire this skill fairly early on in the game, and it’s something we highly recommend considering. What it basically provides is the increased ability to hack into more complex systems; this includes, Advanced, Expert, and Master locks. In addition to the security systems, your auto attempts will be increased as well to complement the skill’s progression from Rank 1 to 4. All of this is accomplished by simply picking locks in the game to help advance the Security skill.

The Ranks for the Security skill are as follows, according to the Tech skill tree in Starfield:

  • Rank 1 – You can attempt to hack Advanced locks, and 2 auto attempts can be banked. 5 pick locks required.
  • Rank 2 – You can attempt to hack Expert locks, and 3 auto attempts can be banked. Rings now turn blue when the pick can be slotted. 15 pick locks required.
  • Rank 3 – You can attempt to hack Master-level locks, and 4 auto attempts can be banked. 25 pick locks required.
  • Rank 4 – Expend a Digipick to eliminate keys that aren’t required to solve the puzzle. 5 auto attempts can be banked.
Starfield Ship Storage and Cargo Hold

It goes without reassurance here that this skill is vital for your journey in Starfield if you wish to pick locks. There may be a plentiful of unique skills to acquire, but this is one of the bigger ones to obtain as you make your way through the Settled Systems. You never know what could be hiding behind a locked door, especially if you’re on the lookout for contraband and special gear to equip and sell.

Written by Andrew Smith