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How to Pickpocket in Starfield

There are copious amounts of opportunities in Starfield that it all feels practically open-ended in terms of what we can do as adventurous Spacefarers. We’re essentially invited to be our own character, with criminal behavior handsomely involved in the equation. This is why players can pickpocket their way through the Settled Systems without relying on casual commerce and bartering with other individuals in Starfield.

It may be mischievous to some, but it’s greatly advantageous for others who are just looking to get by without too much of a hitch. The act of pickpocketing has been around for more than a millennium, tracing back to the bare roots of human instincts and behaviors. This troubling activity is feasible in Starfield, though players won’t be able to take advantage of it unless they do something in particular in the game. In short, players will need to learn pickpocketing in Starfield rather than being able to engage in such an act from the start of a new game.

How to Unlock Pickpocketing

Starfield players can start pickpocketing once they unlock the Theft Skill under the Social skill tree among the Novice category. This makes it easily obtainable for basically any Spacefarer who wishes to spend a skill point; no prerequisites are required to unlock it. All that is needed is a spare skill point that you can spend to acquire it, which begins with Rank 1’s permission to start stealing from folks in the Settled Systems.

From there, simply crouch while approaching a character from their six, away from their line of sight. Wait until the “Pickpocket” prompt appears then go right ahead and steal whatever they may have on their person. The corresponding buttons are A for Xbox users and the E key for the mouse & keyboard crowd.

Take it from us, where we paid a visit to the local coffee shop to steal from Gerhard Pohl for some ammunition and credits. The acquisition was low, but this is a basic example of pickpocketing once you unlock Theft.

Its description kindly reads: “While not entirely honorable, and certainly not legal, it is nonetheless occasionally necessary to discreetly remove property from someone’s person.”

This is the only way that you can start stealing from other characters in Starfield. Your character won’t be able to start thieving unless they have the Theft Skill from the Social tree. Unless you start off Starfield as a Cyber Runner or a Gangster, you won’t have this notorious skill to kick things off with as a new character.

Rank 1 opens the doors for thieving behavior. It’s vital that you attain this if you’re looking to steal from others in the game, which is important for some circumstances if you’re after a specific item or two. This includes books for snow globes, credits, keys for locked areas, and more.

To advance to Rank 2 then 3 and then 4, you’ll need to continuously pickpocket characters in Starfield to help increase the Theft Skill. Rank 2 needs 5; Rank 3 requires 10; Rank 4 is going to need 20 to complete the skill’s four rank-cycle. Rank 2 offers a 10% greater chance of a successful steal; Rank 3 raises your chances to 30%; Rank 4 is set at 50% and it also allows you to pickpocket holstered weapons.

Expert Tip

It’s easy to get caught in Starfield when you try to pickpocket someone. The authorities can be ruthless forces that aren’t shy to place a bounty on your head. To avoid any annoyance with the United Colonies and Freestar Collective, utilize Quicksave as if you were someone who was addicted to Aurora. In the event that you have a slip-up, you can quickly reload the last save to give the activity another go; or, you could reload and ignore the criminal activity altogether to save yourself from some additional trouble.

How to Pickpocket Without Getting Caught

While you may be successful in pickpocketing in Starfield, there’s a good chance that your odds may not be favored compared to a character’s concealed inventory. As you begin to pickpocket, you’ll notice a percentage next to each available item. This is the probable chance of not getting caught should you choose to engage in this particular criminal behavior.

Therefore, you’ll need to invest in the Stealth Skill under the Physical skill tree. It’s also a Novice skill, so any Spacefarer should be able to attain it quite quickly if they have the spare skill points to spend. The skill essentially establishes the Stealth meter for you to use, which is improved upon by successful sneak attacks upon unsuspecting opponents and creatures.

Starfield Security Bounty

Be sure to stay within the “Hidden” range of the meter to stay out of sight. While this is effective for quests that may require some stealthy maneuvers from you, it can be a great addition to your skillset if you’re looking to steer away from any interference that can lead to someone getting killed in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith