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How to Complete the Mantis Quest in Starfield

Starfield How to Complete the Mantis Quest

Every Spacer is incredibly much aware of the Mantis in Starfield, a vigilante who acts as a guardian of the people and destroyer of dangerous Spacers. Operating within the Razorleaf — a feared starfighter — the Mantis exists among the Settled Systems, and their lair has been infiltrated. The Mantis has gone quiet, and no one knows why. That is until we stumble upon a particular data slate that leads us to the lair of the vigilante in space.

This guide will show you the location of the Mantis’s lair and what’s in store, coupled with advisory notes to consider, for the journey isn’t a walk in the park. The Mantis quest involves not only ruthless Spacers but also hostile security systems, a puzzle, and optional lore that provides clarity as to what happened to the Mantis. There’s a lot to know and a lot to see, so let’s get into it and see what we can find when it comes to this legend.

How to Complete the Mantis Side Quest

Starfield players will need to read the “Secret Outpost!” note to commence the Mantis quest, which will lead them to the moon of Denebola I-b, the secret location of the Mantis’ lair. It’s set in the Denebola system, orbiting around planet Denebola I, complete with an advanced level of 30 that’s riddled with Spacers. The lair itself is home to the hero’s suit, workbenches, worthwhile loot, and the Razorleaf, the vigilante’s very own spaceship.

Starfield Denebola I-b Planet Scan

Accessing your Starmap for the Denebola I-b will reveal vital information about the moon’s surface and conditions. Upon scanning the moon, you will find the following data to survey:

  • Resources (8): Water, Helium-3, Copper, Iron, Lead, Uranium, Silver, and Iridium.
  • Gravity: 0.64
  • Temperature: Temperate
  • Atmosphere: STD M
  • Magnetosphere: Weak
  • Fauna: Marginal (5)
  • Flora: Marginal (3)
  • Water: Chemical
  • Traits: 2

While it may be possible to spot the lair without the aforementioned Note, your character will register the activity properly by snatching it off from a dead Spacer. It doesn’t matter where this dead Spacer is encountered in terms of systems, enemy ships, and hostile outposts. As long as you keep killing Spacers, you will eventually find the “Secret Outpost!” note.

The journey isn’t a simple grab-and-go mission. As we mentioned before, the lair — inside and out — is littered with Spacers, all armed to the teeth. They won’t hesitate to gun you down, so be ready for an intense fight.

How to Solve the Mantis Puzzle

Before Starfield players can enter the lair of the Mantis, they’ll first need to bypass a plate puzzle that’s left behind dead Spacers and a locked door. This occurs right after you run into Livvey, who has been able to disarm various booby traps, all except for the puzzle containing letters on the floor. He hints at a close solution with “Am Mantis”, though it isn’t relatively close to the solution itself. What you choose to do with Livvey is up to you, whether you attack on-site or pass by him as the sole surviving Spacer within the facility.

The solution to the puzzle can be retrieved by following along the optional route of the Mantis quest by learning more about the vigilante in question. The lore will eventually lead you to collect a particular slate with the designation of “LEON VOCLAIN – SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS”. The final word, TYRANNIS, is your key to the puzzle.

As you progress through the secured interior of the lair, you’ll stumble across the plate puzzle, complete with scattered letters that are guarded by turrets. These turrets are vicious and are able to take you down with just a few shots. Therefore, by using TYRANNIS, spell out the word through each row by walking over the individual letters. Doing so will warrant your safety and access to the lair, where the trouble isn’t quite over.

Expert Tip

While it’s wise to bring a companion along with you for the Mantis quest, we recommend having them sit back for the plate puzzle. With how strange their spawns can potentially be in Starfield, you’re taking a risk by having them accompany you for the puzzle at hand. They can step on the wrong plate, triggering the turrets to go into action. You can always quicksave before you attempt to solve the puzzle, but be mindful of your companion as you complete the task.

Starfield Mantis Lair

The Mantis programmed additional turrets and robots to protect the Batcave section of the lair. Deal with these mechanical foes, and then you will finally enter the lair. And we say Batcave because the area does resemble one that is similar to a certain DC hero. You’ll be given the next two tasks for the quest here: claim the starship and claim the spacesuit. Navigational markers will be on your display.

From there, you then become the Mantis of the Settled Systems in Starfield. Equipping the legendary spacesuit will come with the helmet, jetpack, and spacesuit itself. They’re all of a different variety, depending on your individual playthrough, each packed with Legendary qualities that help increase its value.

Once you assemble the Mantis’s spacesuit, return to the cave to activate the platform for the Razorleaf. This will lift the Razorleaf onto the surface of Denebola I-b, where you can then take control of the unique starship as your new home ship. It’s a magnificent upgrade if you’re still flying around in the Frontier that was given to you by Constellation.

Starfield Mantis and the Razorleaf

From there, you’re free to depart Denebola I-b with your newly acquired gear and spaceship. However, there may be still tons of loot that you might have skipped over while progressing through the Mantis quest. The lair houses different kinds of containers for you to look through, with some containing spectacular weapons and items that you could sell for some Starfield credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inside the lair of the Mantis?

In addition to the Razorleaf ship and the Mantis suit itself, players can operate a few stations and sleep on a bed to gain the Well-Rested XP bonus. The lair contains the Spacesuit Workbench, Industrial Workbench, and Research Lab, all to help prep the Mantis vigilante for action in nearly all areas of Starfield.

Who is the Mantis?

Spoilers: The Mantis was once an active vigilante whose real name was Doriane Volcaine. She operated among the Settled Systems, aiming to make it a safer place for everyone by becoming a silent guardian of sorts. The mantle was meant to be passed down to her son, Leon, when her time as the space hero was coming to an end. Unfortunately, Leon died during the initial training process that would lead him into the lair. This is why the Mantis is dormant, at least until you come along to take over.

Is the Mantis ship any good?

The Mantis ship is an exceptional starfighter that’s equipped with superior power compared to the Frontier. For beginning and starting players, the Mantis ship, known as the Razorleaf, can also save them some trouble if they encounter a Spacer in space. If they recognize the Razorleaf, there’s a good chance that they’ll cower away, reigniting the fear that the Mantis was meant to bring about in the Settled Systems.

Written by Andrew Smith