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Where to Find the NASA Launch Tower in Starfield

Starfield NASA Launch Tower Quest

Ever since Starfield launched onto the Xbox and PC platforms, players have been landing on the desolate planet Earth in search of landmarks and snowglobes. Committed Spacefarers have been quite lucky in discovering several notable locations, from the crumbling Pyramids Of Giza and Burj Khalifa to a lonesome NASA Launch Tower. There may be more out there to add to the landmarks that have already been found, too. However, some are curious about the location of the NASA Launch Tower in particular.

Starfield NASA Launch Tower Quest

In a way, it’s us tracing back to our roots with the early days of NASA in Starfield. A launch tower essentially positions a rocket ship to prepare for orbit and space travel. It’s clear that much has evolved since the days of NASA, with the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective now taking place for controlled space and administration. So, where exactly is the NASA Launch Tower? Finding this spot will occur later in the game, but we’ll gladly show you where to go if you wish to establish operations beforehand as you routinely find ways to discover Earth’s abandoned landmarks.

Where to Find NASA Launch Tower

The NASA Launch Tower is still standing in Starfield, located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, United States. Just like the actual Cape Canaveral in the United States, your ship will land within its vicinity during the Unearthed quest, one of the main missions that concerns major players in the game. The tower acts as one of the landmarks on Earth, standing as one of the remaining structures amid a desert rock in the Sol system.

During the Unearthed quest, you are sent back to the Sol system to uncover Earth’s downfall and the birth of the Grav Drive. It starts with the moon Luna, and you access old NASA files that will lead you to a recording that can be heard by going to the roof of a research station. This ultimately provides your character with the coordinates to the NASA Launch Tower in Cape Canaveral.

If you’re attempting to locate the NASA Launch Tower on your own without the Unearthed quest, then you’ll likely find yourself landing in different open spots on Earth. Each landing site seems to be procedurally generated with natural sites on Earth, which are really unique structures that you can scan and obtain data for surveying. Even for us, we had trouble finding the tower on our own, especially with an advanced scanner to pick up nearby locations.

Starfield New Outpost on Moon

Of course, Earth isn’t a vital planet to depend on for harvesting resources. The rock is a barren wasteland with little to no treasures and sites to see. The resources you’ll come across are Chroline, Cholorsilanes, Lead, Mercury, and Water, with no special flora and fauna to uncover — nothing proper for an Outpost. There are landmarks to check out, though these are found by reading books in Starfield; the NASA Launch Tower is notably unlocked through story progression.

That’s pretty much where we’ll stop in terms of uncovering the Unearthed quest to avoid any spoilers. Keep in mind that it is an essential quest that includes an important decision for you to make.

Now, if you’re looking to obtain the NASA snow globe, look no further than the very top of the launch tower. This will require some platforming, so be sure to utilize your boost pack for some assistance as you make your way to the top.

Expert Tip

Whether you choose to rely on a basic boost pack straight platforming, we recommend investing in the Boost Pack Training skill under the Tech skill tree. It’s a Novice skill, which means that you can acquire it early on in Starfield. Rank 1 unlocks the capability to utilize boost packs. Further Ranks require you to use your boost pack during combat, including quicker fuel regeneration. You can use this to your advantage if you end up falling from the launch tower.

Starfield Earth Landing

If you do reach the top, you’ll find more than just the snow globe. In addition to the earthly collectible, you’ll stumble upon a coffee bag, mug, and some sweet rolls next to the globe. Once you initiate the Unearthed quest, you’ll see more of the NASA tower and some of its biggest origin spots that are essential for players who are looking to learn more about the lore of Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith