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Starfield Opening Leaks Online Ahead Of Launch

If gift-giving events have taught us anything, it’s that the hardest time to resist opening our presents is the final stretch. When it comes to Starfield, Bethesda has been doing a good job at trying to prevent too much from being shared before the game’s release. Unfortunately, people are tenacious, and the game has been plagued with sporadic leaks showing screenshots, gameplay, and UI, which have all invited different kinds of comments. With only two weeks left until Starfield launches, it has suffered its biggest leak yet, which depicts a huge chunk of the game’s opening, having been posted around various media platforms.

The Starfield Opening

Bethesda RPGs tend to clue in players to the huge world and story that they’re about to be involved in from the moment that they press start. Considering just how huge Starfield is boasting to be, one can assume that a bunch of rich lore and a pretty big story are involved in the game.

People were able to check this for themselves since, according to Video Games Chronicle and other outlets, a large part of the game’s opening has been leaked ahead of time. Up to 40 minutes of uncut Starfield footage is now floating around the internet to clue in anticipating players to the setup in which they’ll soon be involved. Most of the videos have been removed, but they are still around to watch for those who dig deeply enough.

As games have evolved and gotten more complex, so have their cinematic elements. While opinions may differ, there’s a consensus that cinematics are not very popular despite how impressive or entertaining they may be. This is because they are preventing the player from playing the game. Plus, it’s not often that gameplay ever makes you feel as cool as the cinematics depict the characters.

Even so, they’re useful in filling the player in on certain details and information that can help them better understand the universe. Still, it risks spoiling the story and now Starfield has to deal with that. Don’t worry; we won’t be giving away any plot points early.

The whole time we’re waiting for a game to release, we want to find out as much as we possibly can. With all the excitement around Starfield’s imminent launch, someone has leaked and shared the game’s opening which has the chance to take away some of the game’s impact.

Written by Andrew Smith