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How to Get Polymer in Starfield

Starfield How to Get Polymer

When it comes to research and development in Starfield, players are going to need a plethora of resources to complete projects and certain quests. They can obtain these resources in a number of ways — harvesting, looting, extracting, and even bartering if the vendor has the goods. However, the exotic Polymer material is a bit tough to come across in the Settled Systems.

Starfield How to Get Polymer

The resource in question is an essential component that’s used for several crafting recipes with the Research Laboratory station. It can help enhance a handful of weapon and space suit selections to supplement other necessary materials that are needed for new modifications. Evidently, the resource isn’t readily available whenever the player is looking for some. Its 3-tier status makes it a reputable material that’s difficult to locate. Only several locations come to mind for Polymer, so let’s fire up the grav drives and get to work in Starfield.

Where to Get Polymer

Starfield players will find traces of the Polymer resource scattered throughout a few star systems by either harvesting or purchasing it from fauna/flora, and vendors, respectively. Sol, Cheyenne, Alpha Centauri, Volii, Alpha Ternion, Muphrid, and Zeta Ophiuchi all come to mind, with each system offering a distinctive location for Polymer.

Here is a list of each merchant that is stationed throughout some of the aforementioned star systems:

  • Denis Averin at the UC Exchange in Cydonia on Mars in the Sol system.
  • Emerson Shepherd at Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne system.
  • Clint De Haven at Clint’s Collectibles within Gagarin Landing on the planet Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • Amoli Bava at the Jemison Mercantile in the city of New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • Dietrich Sieghart at his Sieghart’s Outfitters store at the Neon Core of Neon on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system.

In addition to these listed vendors, Starfield Spacefarers can also obtain Polymer by looting or pickpocketing deceased NPCs. Docking and boarding enemy ships could lead to some acquisition for the material in question, though the chances are quite slim here. Of course, this also accounts for lootable storage crates, lockers, and other containers that might yield pieces of the exotic resource that you’re looking for.

Starfield Where to Buy Polymer

How to Harvest Polymer

Searching for Polymer in Starfield can be a tedious task to undertake if you’re looking to assemble sufficient materials for a mod or two. While purchasing the resource is an option for any Spacefarer in the Settled Systems, there are a couple of ways that it can be harvested.

Due to its rarity, players won’t need their Cutters to harvest Polymer. Instead, they can gather seeds and glands of the resource by aiming for the other systems that were listed above. This involves the Alpha Ternion, Muphrid, and Zeta Ophiuchi systems.

For starters, the Ternion III planet is a part of the Alpha Ternion system. It’s home to the Flocking Leafbug Fliterer creatures, so you might want to proceed with caution when approaching them. There’s also the Splitting Pokeweed that you can pick from for the Polymer seed.

The next planet, Muphrid IV, contains the intriguing Clawback Herbivores. You can locate this planet by visiting the Muphrid system. These creatures will drop glands of Polymer.

Finally, there’s the Zeta Ophiuchi system, where you’ll fly over to the Zeta Ophiuchi I planet. Land on the planet, then begin searching for the Aruna Goldenglow flora. Harvesting it will provide your pockets with the Polymer seed.

Expert Tip

Outpost management in Starfield allows Spacefarers to construct Greenhouses for growing plants. They can do this with the Outpost’s Build Mode, coupled with the attained Botany Advanced skill under the Science skill tree. If you’re looking to acquire rarer resources while also learning more about them, invest in the Botany skill.

Moreover, the Zoology Advanced Skill under the same Science skill tree will warrant additional organic resource intake; keep an eye out for the Animal Husbandry Facility for farming opportunities.

Starfield Aruna Goldenglow

There may be more systems out there containing traces of Polymer with peculiar fauna and flora to look for. It’s important to note that the Coniferous Forest and Deciduous Forest biomes will usually include Polymer glands and seeds, though this is feasible with complete planetary scans of unique traits. This can be time-consuming, so be sure to use your sources to the best of your ability as you continue to complete different modification projects in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith