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How to Take Off Spacesuit and Helmet in Starfield

Starfield How to Take Off Spacesuit and Helmet

The NPCs of Starfield never shy away from expressing their opinions as you pass through from one settlement to the next. One such opinion seems to stem from their confusion on why you’re wearing your spacesuit and helmet within breathable air. Looking like a sore thumb to an extent, it’s pretty obvious that you can stand out from the ground with unique sets of apparel. With the intention to blend in and avoid comments, Starfield players to searching for ways to take off their spacesuit and helmet combinations.

Starfield How to Take Off Spacesuit and Helmet

Manually switching out different pieces of gear can be a tad tiresome. However, there is a method that the game offers where players can safely hide their spacesuits and helmets while walking through city hubs, breathable outposts, and indoor areas. The game features various stores for the Spacefarer to shop at, so it’s only natural for them to show the Settled Systems what gear they’re rocking. It’d be a bit awkward to rave out at the Astral Lounge with a spacesuit and helmet equipped, so let’s see how we can hide our gear in Starfield.

How to Hide Your Spacesuit and Helmet

Starfield allows players to hide their space suits and helmets by accessing the in-game menu for their character’s inventory. This is where players can either remove or switch out articles of apparel to their liking.

To hide your spacesuit, access the inventory’s Spacesuits section. Look to the bottom of the screen for a row of options. Select “Show/Hide Spacesuit In Settlements” to complete the desired action of hiding the suit. This is accomplished with the RB button on Xbox controllers and the T key for the mouse & keyboard crowd.

Starfield Hide Helmet Menu

The same basically applies to the helmet that your character wears. Backtrack to the main inventory menu and select the Helmets section. Much like with the spacesuit scenario, look to the bottom of the screen and select the following option: “Show/Hide Helmet In Breathable Areas.” The RB button and T key are also utilized for this process, making it all more streamlined.

Expert Tip

It’s wise to own some property in Starfield to ensure a safe place for your precious belongings. Ship cargo, personal inventory, and Outposts can all provide avenues to store away items, yet it doesn’t hurt to have a permanent home to go to for many advantages. Since you can decorate your home with the game’s Build Mode, invest in storage containers to put away any pieces of apparel that you don’t wish to carry with you across the Settled Systems.

With this, the Spacefarer will automatically blend in with the citizens of a settlement or reasonable Outpost. Even though the hero/heroine of Starfield is a mute protagonist, they don’t have much to say. The feature is meant for cosmetic purposes, for players who wish to flaunt their apparel for one reason or another. The Mantis is a suit that comes to mind, though the space vigilante does have a reputation for scaring away and eliminating Spacers in the Settled Systems.

Now, you can freely roam among the safest areas of the Settled Systems with your hidden equipment. You won’t need to worry about futile comments from passing NPCs. Furthermore, the necessity of manually swapping out your hidden gear won’t be required.

How to Hide Helmet in Photo Mode

Starfield is filled to the brim with stunning sites, and players can capture the magic with the game’s Photo Mode. The digital photographic feature can be used at almost any given moment in the game, which can lead to some fantastic results. And thanks to the accessible Photo Gallery, you can take screenshots back home with you to show the world what Starfield is capable of.

To start Photo Mode, pause the game for the main menu where the option is listed. Initiating the feature will freeze whatever gameplay is on display, allowing you, the player, to freely move the camera around. One of the primary options in Photo Mode allows you the toggle the helmet on and off. Simply click the LS thumbstick for Xbox controllers to do this; mouse & keyboard users will use the Z key for this action.

Starfield Enhance Clinic

Photo Mode offers other features for players to toy around with, including filters, frames, poses, and more. Be sure to check out the mechanic whenever you’re in the middle of a stargazing moment in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith