Star Wars Battlefront 2 | How To Play Heroes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has made a massive resurgence recently on PC thanks to the Epic Games Store. The online games platform recently offered the full game for free and not just the base version. The Epic Store offered the Celebration Edition, which comes with almost all of the in-game skins for the various classes and heroes. Now that you have the skins, you probably want to show off your heroes but just how do you play heroes in Battlefront 2

How To Play Heroes In Battlefront

Star Wars II How To Play Heroes

In Star Wars Battlefront 2, you earn points by doing various actions like dealing damage to an enemy, killing an enemy, and anything else along those lines. You even get points for dying and you get even more points if you get killed by a hero unit. 

You can use these points in-game to spawn as more powerful units that aren’t a part of the main four classes. You can spend points to become Aerial units, enforcers, and even use them to spawn in both land and air vehicles if the map you’re playing on allows for that. 

Of course, you can also spend these points, if you have enough, to play as hero units. To play heroes, you’ll need to purchase a unit. Every hero unit in the game costs 4,000 points to play and there can only be one of each of them on the battlefield at a time. This means that if you want to play as a hero unit already on the field, you will have to wait and hope that they die so you can get a turn. 

Hero units are insanely powerful, as they should be with how much they cost. They have unique abilities based on the skills that they had in their respective films. 

If you don’t feel like earning a ton of points but are hoping you get the chance to play as your favorite character from the Star Wars franchise, you do have another option. You can play the Heroes VS. mode in the game. This mode only has heroes and is a classic face-off between the light and the dark sides of the force. 

Written by Andrew Smith