Steam Restart Loop Elden Ring – How To Fix

Elden Ring is a new popular game that has been released on 25.02.2022 for a lot of platforms. With new games being released to the whole world, some people will find new problems that developers couldn’t find. And some of these problems are for the PC players on Steam.

Many people have encountered a problem with Steam and Elden Ring. When you try to turn on the game through Steam, you get a pop-up window saying that steam needs to restart. You restart the Steam and the same thing happens over and over. This guide will show you how to fix the Steam restart loop for Elden Ring.

Fix Steam Restart Loop Elden Ring

So starting off when you go and open your Steam, you normally go to your Library and open up Elden Ring. The Steam application will force you to restart the client due to not having the appropriate update. You will have the option to restart Steam, and once you do that, you will open up the game again and the same thing will appear.

To fix this firstly you will have to restart the Steam and once it re-opens, do not go for opening the game again, you will need to open up the small “Steam” window in the top left corner, where some other menus will appear. Click on the “Check for Steam Client Updates…”

From there another window will pop up and your Steam application will start updating. Once it finishes updating it will give you a pop-up window that Steam is up to date, restart the Steam again and you will no longer need to worry about your loop restart problem with Elden Ring.

Written by Borut Udovic

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