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Stranded Deep Online Co-Op | Is It Cross-Platform?

Stranded Deep Multiplayer Co-Op and Cross-Platform Guide

For the longest time, fans have been asking the team behind Stranded Deep to implement a multiplayer feature. Only a split-screen function was available for those who wished to show off their builds, but that can only suffice for so long. However, thanks to the September 2021 update, the ability to invite friends to your server is finally a reality. But is there also cross-platform included? Here’s what you need to know about Stranded Deep and its online co-op and cross-platform capabilities.

Is Stranded Deep Online Co-Op Cross-Platform?

Is Stranded Deep Online Co-Op Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, there are no cross-platform features within Stranded Deep online multiplayer. While co-op is accessible for each version of the game, you won’t be able to play with your Xbox pals if you’re on PC. Of course, even though this is the first official multiplayer update for the game, there’s always a chance that cross-platform play will come in the future.

Developer Blue Team Games made the announcement that multiplayer will finally be rolling out on September 28. As told through Steam and a blog post, fans have been requesting a multiplayer feature for the longest time now. With the game still receiving updates, it seems like the developers aren’t slowing down. Part of the blog post reads:

We’re super excited to announce that the next Stranded Deep update containing Online Co-op is rolling out tomorrow – 28th of September, on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox! You will now be able to invite a friend to join you on your island and share your Stranded Deep adventure.”

Those who own Stranded Deep on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store can link up with their fellow console friends once the update goes live. Of course, the update’s release will vary in the region. Look for patch 0.90.00 for PC and 2071 for consoles when you boot up the game. While you’re only limited to playing co-op with those who own the same platform, there’s always the chance that more updates will roll out.

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Written by Andrew Smith