Strange Horticulture | Full Walkthrough

Strange Horticulture is not for everyone. What it is, is basically a local flower shop simulator but with a bit more depth. It has fairly complex systems and most of the game is actually puzzle solving believe it or not. There’s a lot to do, but it’s hard if you want to complete it fully. What follows is a walkthrough of the whole game.

Full Walkthrough Of Strange Horticulture

We’ll go through some of the notes, the letters, the objectives, and customers you can expect on each day. Here’s a full walkthrough of Strange Horticulture:

Day One

  • Simone’s Letter – Explore Amleside for two new plants, C20.
  • Short Note – An extremely dangerous plant that can be found a tad bit northeast of Backbarrow – M21.
  • Victoria Grey – She’ll need a St. Jonh’s Poppy which is red with a yellow center part.
  • David Chafer – This NPC will give you a letter from Amos Duncan and tokens to explore.
  • Amos Duncan Letter – Explore south of Gosforth – G5.
  • Gilbert Ames – You’ll need to exchange a Lemon Dandy for some Phennet. The Lemon Dandy has blue spiky leaves.
  • Faye Swift – Give this NPC Forest Camphry for her inability to sleep.
  • Nora Butterfield – A greyish brown mushroom with red spots on it, called Wandering Bue.

Day Two

  • First Clue – Explore H11 for a new plant to add to your collection.
  • Isodore Burbidge – You’ll need to give Isodore Gandyroot. It can also be called Apis Demissus.
  • David Chafer – He’ll give you a new letter from Amos Duncan.
  • Amos Duncan Letter – The letter will get you to Hard Knott but since the gate will be unlocked, you’ll need to use a Clavilium to enter.
  • Rueben Ward – Give Rueben a Fox Button to, apparently, speak with the sisters.
  • Victoria Gray – Give Victoria a Harlequin Blue.
  • Bethany Coleman – Mary’s Breath.
  • Letter From The Sisterhood – Find the sisters at J17 – Grizedale Forest. You’ll also need to use Ren there.
  • Isodore Burbridge – Give Isodore either a Meakdew or a Butterdale.

Day Three

  • First Clue – Explore E17 for two new plants.
  • Wilbur Miller – Give him a Lady Of Summer to improve his memory.
  • David Chafer – Letter from Amos Duncan.
  • Amos Duncan Letter – The letter will lead you to Great Gable – A13. You’ll need a Brimlock here though.
  • Normal Lee – Gifts you a new plant.
  • Simone Green – Find Common Trouse on Red Pike.
  • Verona Green – Give Verona a Shimmerlung.
  • Ruth Douglas – Small leaves, delicate flowers. Give Ruth Meakdew.

Day Four

  • First Clue – An X on a piece of paper. Line it up with the tear on the map and the clue will lead you to N6. You’ll get two new plants.
  • Rueben Ward – Phennet to help with his digestive problems.
  • David Chafer – Mail. A letter from Verona Green.
  • Verona Green Letter – Get past the sisters with Mellow-Glow and go to K19. You get a new plant.
  • Faye Swift – Give Faye either Aguria or Candlewood.
  • Margaret Elisabeth – Explore the library at Sizergh Castle K26.
  • Phillip Shaw – Give Phillip Wandering Bue mushrooms.
  • Francis Abberton – Francis has heartburn, give him some Gandyroot.
  • Selina Scott – Give Selina some Sunset Mountcap.

Day Five

  • First Clue – Go to B4 for a new plant.
  • Faye Swift – Worryless to help with her fears.
  • Simone Green – Give Green a Common Trouse.
  • Simone’s Note – Look for J22. Winster won’t be there, but then you can explore at L25 to find him.
  • Conrad Stanway – Conrad wants some Caballia to decorate his grave.
  • Unknown Customer – Give the mysterious and masked customer Hopheart.
  • Verona Green – Give Verona Witch Phygg. The plants look similar to Feverkiss but with yellow berries.

Those include most of the customers and days you’ll go through in Strange Horticulture. We see some difficulty increase as the days go by, but all in all, manageable.

Written by Borut Udovic

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