When Is Ed Being Released in Street Fighter 6?

Ed fighting enemies in Street Fighter 6
Image Credit: Capcom.

Since the release of Street Fighter 6, the roster has grown from 18 at launch to the 20 fighters currently available. Even better, the developers have announced even more combatants that have yet to be released. As fans are well aware, Ed is the next character to join the fray. If you want to know when Ed will be released in Street Fighter 6, this guide tells you everything you need to know.

When Is Ed Being Released in Street Fighter 6?

Ed in Street Fighter 6
Image Credit: Capcom.

Ed will release for Street Fighter 6 on February 27, 2024. He is part of the Year 1 character pass, and players who purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate edition will automatically have access to him upon release.

This powerful fighter was first released in Street Fighter 5 as part of the arcade mode, being introduced as a boxer who was under Balrog’s wing. Throughout the game’s story mode, it was eventually revealed that Ed is a clone of M. Bison. He has also earned himself the name of “The Young Commander.”

As Street Fighter 5 progressed, Ed aged up and became a full-fledged fighter available for players to utilize in the game. Ed was a bit of a groundbreaking character in SF5, as he was the reason that modern controls were released. He was also the character that allowed for a test run of these controls that were later added to SF6.

While Ed was initially seen as a controversial character due to his basic controls, he served as an excellent introduction for newcomers, allowing for loads of experimentation for new and old players alike.

Alongside Ed’s arrival in the latest entry, there’s also the fighting pass that allows SF6 players to unlock multiple cosmetics, with a lot of them referencing Ed. This includes some of the soundtracks, like Falke and Balrog’s theme.

We’re excited to see Ed’s punchy arrival in Street Fighter 6, are you? Look forward to this fighter hitting the streets on February 27, 2024.

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