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Subnautica Below Zero | All Seatruck Module Fragment Locations

Subnautica Below Zero - All Seatruck Module Fragment Locations

The Seatruck is arguably the most important item in Subnautica Below Zero. Not only does it get you from place to place, but it gives you a reliable source of breathable air for deep underwater voyages. Plus, if you unlock all Seatruck Modules, you’ll have a fully mobile base complete with Fabricator, storage, bed, and Prawn Suit dock. The catch is you’ll first have to find and scan all Seatruck Module Fragments to unlock their blueprints.

Where to Find All Seatruck Module Fragments in Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero - All Seatruck Module Fragment Locations 02
The sea floor is littered with fragments of Alterra technology.

There are six different Seatruck Modules in Subnautica Below Zero. Before you can unlock them, you need to find and scan Seatruck Module fragments littered about the sea floor. After scanning three related fragments, the module’s blueprint will be added to your PDA. From there, you’ll be able to build it at the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

While scanning fragments is not difficult, actually finding them can be. Since many fragments are found at depths between 100 and 300 meters, you’ll need at least a Seaglide and the Rebreather to reach them. Many of the locations are also guarded by aggressive plants and beasts.

Here’s where to find fragments for every Seatruck Module in Subnautica Below Zero. Note that while these remnants of Alterra technology are always found in the exact same biomes, their specific positions can vary. Head to the coordinates listed and search the area until you manage to scan all three fragments.

Storage Module

You’ll probably want to unlock the Seatruck Storage Module first, as it adds 72 additional storage spaces to the Seatruck. Thankfully, its fragments aren’t too far from the Drop Pod.

  • Fragment Locations: Deep Twisty Bridges
  • Coordinates: -420 -300 -360

Note: You can also find Fabricator Module fragments at this location.

Docking Module

The Seatruck Docking Module serves the important purpose of hauling your Prawn Suit between destinations. It functions almost like a Moon Pool, except it’s much smaller, mobile, and charges the suit through the Seatruck’s Power Cells.

  • Fragment Locations: Deep Purple Vents
  • Coordinates: 410 -330 -530

Note: You can find both Sleeper Module and Docking Module fragments in the shallower waters of the Purple Vents biome above these coordinates.

Fabricator Module

The Fabricator Module gives your Seatruck both a Fabricator and an extra 12 storage spaces. Critically, this allows you to cook food and synthesize fresh water while away from your home base.

Fabricator Module fragments can be found in two biomes at two different coordinates:

  • Fragment Locations: Deep Twisty Bridges, Purple Vents
  • Coordinates: -420 -300 -360 (Deep Twisty Bridges)
    180, -30, -530 (Purple Vents)
Subnautica Below Zero - All Seatruck Module Fragment Locations 03
Be sure to look out for Seatruck Module Fragments and other technology hiding in Sea Monkey nests.

Sleeper Module

Arguably the least useful Seatruck module, the Sleeper Module adds a bed, a digital photo frame, and a Jukebox. Aside from letting you sleep through the night, this module’s primary function is to play music throughout the Seatruck.

  • Fragment Locations: Purple Vents
  • Coordinates: 180, -30, -530

Note: You can also find Aquarium Module fragments in the shallow waters of the Purple Vents biome.

Aquarium Module

The Aquarium Module is unique in that it’s capable of catching small creatures that wander close to the Seatruck. You can keep captured creatures as pets, release them, or use them at the Fabricator Module to cook food and make drinking water.

You can find Aquarium Module fragments in two different biomes at two different coordinates:

  • Fragment Locations: Purple Vents, Lilypad Islands
  • Coordinates: 180, -30, -530 (Purple Vents)
    330, -120, -1100 (Lilypad Islands)

Teleportation Module

The Teleportation Module is the last and ultimate Seatruck upgrade. Its function is to allow you to teleport back to the Seatruck at any time through use of the Tether Tool.

Unfortunately, this power comes at a cost. There is no location you can visit to scan Teleportation Module fragments. Instead, this module’s blueprint only unlocks after finding and scanning ten Architect Artifacts.

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Written by Andrew Smith