Sunkenland – How To Get Iron Ore And Ingot

Sunkenland is all about surviving and players need to gather various resources to progress in the game. The game  portraits a pro-acopolyptic world covered with water and players have to live an “amphibian” lifestyle, surviving both in the water and on land. The submerged world calls for a deep diving exploration and activities like base building, combat, and crafting.

Sunkenlandoffers various resources which are essential for in-game progress. Players required food,clothes, armors to survive and one of the most important resources at offer is Iron. Iron is one of the important resource in the game which is essential to craft tools. Here’s everything to know on How to Get Irone Ore and Ingot in Sunkenland.

How to Get Iron Ore and Iron Ingot in Sunkenland

Sunkenland enthusiasts know that Iron is one of the essential resources helpful to craft tools. These are found in the form of Iron Ores and these ores can be turned into Iron Ingots which are helpful for crafting.Players need to follow the following steps to get Iron Ore and Iron Ingot.

Steps to get Iron Ore

  • Players will be required to craft a pickaxe to extract the Iron in Sunkenland. Once they craft the axe, it is to be place in the inventory slot located on the center for the lower screen
  • Players need to scavenger the iron one which can be found underwater and on the island. These ore are brown in color and look like rocks from a far. Chisel away at the ore with the axe and each attack results in several iron ore.

Steps to Get Iron Ingot

  • Players need to build a furnace which can convert ores into ingots. These furnace can built only after unlocking the second level on the research table. They can place it on the base of the floor using the crafting menu in Sunkenland.
  • Gamers can insert key materials into the Furnace and when the structure is ready, they can pore the Iron Ore into it. The process will require burning of Iron ore into Iron Ingots so one needs to keep adding wood.
  • After the crafting is complete players can wait at the Furnace or keep adding wood to make sure the processing keep running.

Written by Borut Udovic

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