Sunkenland Tips and Console Commands List

Sunkenland is a newly released on-base survival game that promises a deep-dive adventure. Vector3Games developed the game, and players are impressed with the immersive graphics and modes. The water-themed game tasks players to build an armored base on the ground and dive into the sea to find essentials.

Sunkenland is a relatively new game on the market, and as promising as it is, gamers are looking for tips and tricks regarding the gameplay. The game can be hard to grasp for new players as it requires collecting materials and exploring areas. Players have been searching for commands and tools to make the gameplay easier and ensure quicker progress.Here’s everything to know about the Sunkenland Command List and more.

Sunkenland Tips and Command-List

Sunkenland enthusiasts enjoy this water-themed survival game and are looking for ways to progress swiftly. The game is relatively new, and players are discovering new commands to help them gain infinite stamina, pause daytime, enter god mode, set swim speed, and more. As is the case in many video games, commands and tips are always helpful for players to excel in the game, and here are some tips and orders for Sunkenland.


God ModeToggle | Numpad 1
Infinite HealthToggle | Numpad 2
Infinite StaminaToggle | Numpad 3
Infinite EnergyToggle | Numpad 4
Infinite OxygenToggle | Numpad 5
No HungerToggle | Numpad 6
No ThirstToggle | Numpad 7
No BleedingToggle | Numpad 8
Stale Body TemperatureToggle | Numpad 9
Set Movement SpeedIncrease | Alt | Decimal Decrease | Ctrl | Decimal
Set Swim SpeedIncrease | Alt | Numpad + Decrease | Ctrl | Numpad +
Set Jump heightIncrease | Alt | Numpad – Decrease | Ctrl | Numpad –
Set Game SpeedCtrl+Num 7
Freeze DaytimeCtrl+Num 5
Unlock All Crafting & BuildingsCtrl+Num 4
No RecoilNum +
Super Damage/One Hit KillsNum –
Infinite ItemsCtrl+Num 1
Edit Inventory SizeCtrl+Num 2 
Ignore Crafting/Building/Research RequirementsCtrl+Num 3

Written by Borut Udovic

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