Super Mario 64 Wing Cap | How to Get

Super Mario 64 Wing Cap

Now that Super Mario 3D All Stars has released Nintendo Switch users all around the world are revisiting the classic Super Mario 64. If you played the original game, you may remember that you can get a Wing Cap that will allow Mario to fly around in certain levels of the game. However, figuring out how to get the Wing Cap can be a little tricky, so we are here to explain.

How to Get the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64

Basically, to get the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64, you will need to collect a total of ten Stars. Once you’ve done this, you’ll unlock a hidden area called the Tower of Wing Cap. Once inside, you’ll find yourself flying around through the clouds. Before you land, you’ll need to circle the tower and collect eight red coins, which will unlock a special Star and the ability to fly.

If you’re not sure where to find the hidden Tower, it’s super simple. After you’ve collected ten Stars, head back to the castle lobby, and look for a beam of light. Simply stand in the light and press up on the right stick to be transported to the hidden area.

After you’ve finished collecting the eight red coins, grab the star and you’ll be teleported out of the Tower. However, to get the Wing Cap, you’ll need to go back into the level again, land on the tower, and interact with the red switch. Once you do so, you’ll now be able to fly in any level that has one of these red switches.

For example, in the Bob-omb Battlefield level, the “Mario Wings to the Sky” star can’t be collected without the ability to fly. So, now that you have the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64, be sure to revisit the level and collect the Star.

Of course, as you make your way through the Super Mario 3D All Stars version of Super Mario 64, there will be plenty of other uses for the flying hat. But we will let you find those on your own. Let’s a go!

Written by Andrew Smith