Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min DLC Breakdown

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min DLC

Last week’s reveal of Min Min as the next fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came packed with information. We learned what her entire move set and final smash would be, details on the new ARMS map, and even what Kirby’s new hat looked like. However, one notable omission in Sakurai’s reveal presentation were any details regarding Min Min’s Spirit Board. Here’s our break down of the newly released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min DLC.

For those that don’t know, each Fighter Pack DLC includes a mini Spirit Board featuring iconic characters from the series which each new fighter originates from. These Spirit fights use one of the fighters already available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but with altered skins and statistics to act as a facsimile of these new characters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min DLC

For example, the Banjo and Kazooie DLC released last summer included classic characters such as Mumbo Jumbo and the villainous Gruntilda. Unlike the regular Spirit Board, these Spirit Battles can be done whenever the player likes and will not disappear if the player fails the fight — these spirits are also unlocked automatically, skipping the shooting mini-game entirely.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min’s Spirit Board is somewhat interesting as ARMS has already been represented in the base game of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate through several spirits, including series mascots Spring Man and Ribbon Girl, which makes it unique among the DLC fighters revealed so far. I was intrigued to see if series favorites such as Ninjara, who already has a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, would begin a second Spirit, or if the DLC Spirit Board would focus on lesser loved characters like Kid Cobra.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Upon viewing it after its release, Min Min’s Spirit Board does a little bit of both, with all four original ARMS Spirit fights being made available to play whenever the player would like, while also offering six new battles with various ARMS characters such as Mechanica and Helix getting representation.

The first fight on the ARMS Spirit Board is Spring Man, who uses his own costume for the Mii Brawler to represent him. He is modified with an increase to both his punching and jumping power, which mimics Spring Man’s playstyle in ARMS quite well. This fight is fought in Punch Out’s Boxing Ring, an apt map for such a punch heavy hero.

Ribbon Girl’s fight is done very similarly. Fought instead in the new Spring Stadium map, Ribbon Girl is given an extra jump, much like her ability in ARMS and is represented again by a Mii Brawler with her costume on in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min DLC.

Ninjara is an interesting one as well, as I had purchased the new Mii Costume of Ninjara for the Mii Brawler whom I fought in this spirit battle, though that would not be the case if you don’t own that DLC. The character’s ninja roots are reflected in the use of Suzuku Castle from Street Fighter as the location for this battle and he favors using the boomerang item in a nod to his standard Chakram Arm in the Arms game.

Master Mummy is the first fight in this Spirit Board not using the Mii Brawler as his fighter. Instead Donkey Kong, colored white is used in order to best represent the bulky white cloth clad mummy. He is fought in Dracula’s castle, to add to the ancient Egyptian theming and dons Super Armor with a decreased speed in order to emulate his stats in ARMS.

Mechanica’s Spirit battle is next on the list and was one of my personal favourite fights to do. The mech clad fighter is represented by Wendy the Koopaling in her clown pod from the Mario series which I think recreates her appearance really well. She also wears Super Armor and moves slower, which helps in making her feel more like a big and bulky mech and the return to the Spring Stadium map was very nice to see in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min DLC.

Twintelle is the sixth battle in the Spirit Board and is represented by Bayonetta, a fighter who uses similar hair-based attacks and has a similar ladylike demeanor to Twintelle — making her a good fit for the ARMS fighter. She starts the fight with a Drill item which is used to represent Twintelle’s Parasol arm and New Donk City is used as the arena, a good choice as its architecture resembles that of the Cinema Deux, Twintelle’s home arena in Arms.

Byte and Barq’s fight is a very clever one as well. Mega Man and the Duck Hunt Duo are used to represent the robot policeman and his dog which feels like a perfect fit. A third appearance from Spring Stadium is good, and I personally was happy to see how much the new Arms map is highlighted throughout this Spirit Board.

Kid Cobras Spirit is represented by Min Min herself, which did rather surprise me. He starts with a drill much like Twintelle, this time used to represent his Slamamander arm attack. He has increased speed but only after having taken a high amount of damage in the fight, which like many of the other spirit fights here, reflects his fighter stats in Arms well.

The penultimate Spirit fight is for Helix who is represented by darks Samus in green. The use of the Frigate Orpheon map from Metroid looks a lot like the DNA lab in Arms and Ditto is used as a secondary opponent, a nod to Helix’s gooey body and movements.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min DLC

The final fight is by far the hardest, Max Brass. This legend class spirit is represented by King K Rool in yellow which is a good fit as K Rool is appropriately bulky for Max Brass, and the yellow scales resemble his golden armour quite well. This Spirit is fought in the lava-filled map of Norfair, a loose approximation of Max Brass’ Sky Arena in ARMS.

That’s all ten new Spirit battles available with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min fighter DLC, available now on the eShop.

Written by Andrew Smith