Swordcery, a New Game From Ex-God of War Developers, Gives Access to 100+ Magical Swords

There are a number of legendary swords in the gaming world. Frostmourne was shared by Arthis Menethil and the Lich King in World of Warcraft. Sora wielded the Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts. And the Master Sword was prominently featured in multiple Zelda games.

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But in a new title from Don Thurakichprempri and Mike Henriet, gamers don’t just have one sword at their disposal. The former God of War developers want to protagonist to choose from 100’s.

Thurakichprempri came up with the idea when he dreamt about a knight using a pizza cutter like device as a weapon. He notes, “The next day I hit up my buddy Mike and told him about it and we just thought it’d be so cool to see that circular blade spinning and unleash a devastating cutter blade projectile that would look like it was slicing the ground.”

The story begins with hundreds of swords miraculously falling from the sky. Gamers play as Colt, who wields a number of these swords. The character must go through a series of dungeons, getting in fights along the way and finding new blades.

Each individual sword has special magic and features assigned to it. One might be thrown like a boomerang while another could be used to capture opponents inside boxes.

Gamers can play a demo of the game right now on Steam. The current incarnation features 21 blades, but that number is soon to rise quite a bit. There is also a Kickstarter associated with the title that users can contribute to if they want to help speed up the development of the game.

Check out a trailer for the game below:


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