Tactics Ogre – Reborn: How To Beat Vyce 1v1

In Tactics Ogre – Reborn you will get to fight different monsters in arena as grouped fights, or sometimes even as 1v1s. Vyce is a known enemy that happens to be quite difficult for many players. Getting to know some of his mechanics and tricks in beating him will save you a lot of time. Time to find out how you can beat him!

This guide will show you how to beat Vyce in a 1v1 duel in Tactics Ogre – Reborn.

How To Beat Vyce 1v1

As you encounter this fight, the best possible thing to do at the start is to head in there as a Ninja. With the ninja, you are fast, meaning that you can use the mobility to keep distance between Vyce and pick up cards.

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Get to at least level 19 before encountering this fight due to the difficulty. Also, try to get some healing potions. The best bet is to get 4 Mending Salves or seeds that will allow you to tank a few of his attacks from his weapon.

You can also use a character that has a shield. The shield will help you block a lot of incoming attack and keep you alive for quite some time. Although this is a safer route, it will take much more time to defeat Vyce, and slightly boring.

Before fighting, buff up your items. You will always use the extra status points in any fight, not only with Vyce.

And that’s about it, those are the few tips and tricks that you can use to go against Vyce and defeat him in a 1v1 fight. Good luck and keep slaying!

Written by Borut Udovic

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