Tai Tayson Starcic Fortnite Settings | Latest Settings 2022

Tai Tayson Starcic has quite a diverse rap sheet of teams. He has played for a couple of teams from 2019 until now. Tayson started at Frag, but he also played for 300 Spartans, Team Serenity, E11 Gaming, and Guild Esports. He’s not just a pro Fortnite player though. Tayson regularly streams as well and has quite an influence in the Fortnite community.

TaySon Fortnite Settings Latest – 2022

Like I said before, there’s no surprise as to why there’s such an interested in the keybinds and settings that Tayson uses. Players see just how well Tyson performs and it’s a natural curiosity to know with what settings that sort of gameplay can be executed.

Let’s start with the most important settings, Tayson’s mouse settings:

  • DPI – 1600
  • Y-Axis Sens. – 2.8%
  • X-Axis Sens. – 2.8%
  • Targeting Sensitivity – 25.0%
  • Scope Sensitivity – 55.0%
  • Hz – 1000

Nothing too out of the ordinary with mouse settings. These are settings that most pros use.

TaySon Key Binds

As most of you know, we see a lot of diversity when it comes down to key binds in Fortnite. A lot of players use different settings, especially for building and TySon is no different:

  • Wall – MB4
  • Stairs – Q
  • Floor – X
  • Roof – L. Shift
  • Use – E
  • Trap – T
  • Crouch – L. CTRL
  • Inventory – I
  • Map – M
  • Reload – R
  • Edit – F
  • Confirm Edit On Release – OFF
  • Harvesting Tool – 1
  • W. Slot 1 – V
  • W. Slot 2 – 2
  • W. Slot 3 – 3
  • W. Slot 4 – Z
  • W. Slot 5 – MB5

All in all, pretty unique settings and based on our trials, they’re not bad to use. It will take some getting used to if you have radically different key binds.

TaySon Video Settings

TaySon plays on a BenQ XL2546 in Fullscreen mode and a 1920×1080 resolution. No 4:3 ratio or any stretched resolution whatsoever. Simply, bog standard 1920 by 1080p. 

In addition, his FPS limit is set to 240 FPS.

Graphics Settings

Everything on low. There is not much to say here except that. Pros almost always play with graphics set to extremely low, specifically for some FPS gain.

What is surprising though, is the fact that TaySon’s view distance is set to low. We recommend increasing it a bit, but if you’re fine with low view distance, it’s definitely worth it for the additional FPS performance.

Written by Borut Udovic

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