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Tales of Arise Arte Proficiency | What Does it Do?

Tales of Arise Artes Proficiency

As you start burning, slashing, smashing, and shocking your way through Tales of Arise, you’ll make use of your Arte system a lot. This is your magic system, as well as the fuel for your strongest attacks. However, you don’t get new abilities as you level up. No, instead the game seems to track something called Arte Proficiency, which is unique for each party member. So, what does this proficiency system do? And how do you use it to its fullest potential?

What Does Arte Proficiency Do in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Arte Proficiency

Arte Proficiency is the method by which you get new abilities in Tales of Arise. By continuously using Arte attacks during combat, you’ll get experience points in that particular proficiency. By leveling up that specific Arte, you’ll get new attacks and abilities related to it. Keep in mind that each character is good at specific fields of magic and might, so try to build around their strengths!

In order to improve Artes in Tales of Arise, you have to use them a ton. Grinding enemies means more than just slapping them with basic attacks; you need to use your special moves if you want to improve massively over time.

To do this effectively, you might want to focus on one party member at a time. Tell your other party members to fight with moderation, and then focus on the Arte of a single one. That will let you build experience on specific party members quickly!

Once you get enough Arte Proficiency, you’ll be able to unlock new abilities that can increase your damage or grant new utility. For instance, using Sword Artes on Alphen will grant him new Artes that are sword-dependent. But, those won’t improve the Artes surrounding his fire magic and Flaming edge. So, you’ll have to either pick which one you prefer… Or, spread your EXP out to cover all of your bases!

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Written by Andrew Smith