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Terraria | All Bosses In Order

Terraria Bosses In Order

Terraria is a massive game, and with Journey’s End out, there’s a lot of content to catch up with. Starting a new game can feel like a nearly impossible task. If you haven’t played the game before, or don’t have someone guiding you from point A to point B, then the game certainly won’t help you! If you want to know all Terraria bosses in order, then we can certainly help you!

Warning: This guide will have spoilers. If you do not want to know any sort of story elements, please read with discretion.

All Terraria Bosses In Order

Terraria Bosses In Order

We will be providing the Terraria bosses in order for all non-optional bosses. These will provide you with game-advancing items, such as materials to make the next level of pickaxe or hammer. If you would like to see optional bosses, please see the bottom of the guide.

Pre-Hardmode Bosses

These bosses are fought early in the game.

  1. Eye of Cthulhu: It will randomly summon when you have 200 HP, 10 Defense, and 3 or more NPCs at home. Requires a Suspicious Looking Eye (6 Lenses at a Demon or Crimson Altar) to summon. It provides Demonite or Crimtane Ore, which is required to make powerful weapons for the next boss.
  2. Eater of Worlds (Corruption World): Will spawn when you destroy 3 Shadow Orbs in underground Corruption, which you can access with Dynamite. Can also be spawned with Worm Food, acquired from vile powder or rotten chunks. Destroying it gives you Shadow Scales, which can make items capable of destroying difficult to mine blocks.
  3. Brain of Cthulhu (Crimson World): Will spawn when you destroy Crimson Hearts in the Underground Crimson. Can also spawn by crafting a Bloody Spine from Crimson Enemy drops. Defeating this behemoth will grant you Tissue Samples and Crimtane Ore, which is required for hard-to-mine blocks.
  4. Skeletron: You may speak with the Old Man at the front of the dungeon to spawn this creature. Defeating him will allow you to enter the Dungeon, essential for gathering materials and opening chests which may allow you deeper into Hell.
  5. Wall of Flesh: You must sacrifice a Guide Voodoo doll by throwing it into lava, killing your Guide. A new one will respawn, don’t worry. Defeating it, either by roller-coaster or other methods, will grant you access to the Pwnhammer. If you use that to break Demon Altars or Crimson Altars, you will enter Hardmode.


Terraria Bosses In Order

These bosses can only spawn after defeating the Wall of Flesh. We recommend farming some items before taking these fights on.

Mechanical Bosses

The first two can be technically done in any order, though we have listed them by level of perceived difficulty.

  1. The Twins: Once you have hardmode armor and gear, you can summon the Twins with via Mechanical Eye. This can be crafted with 6 Souls of Light (from the Hallow area), 5 Iron, and 3 Lenses at a Hardmode Anvil. Defeating these guys will give you Souls of Sight for ranged players, hallowed bars, and a chance at some additional cosmetics.
  2. The Destroyer: This can spawn at a 10% chance once you’ve broken an Altar. You can force it to spawn with a Mechanical Worm, made from Souls of Night, Rotten Chunks, and Iron Bars. Defeating this will get you Souls of Might, an important Melee upgrade.
  3. Skeletron Prime: It has a 10% chance to spawn naturally, or can be spawned with a Mechanical Skull, an item that requires Bones, Iron Bars, and the materials from the two other Mechanical Bosses. Defeating this guy grants you Souls of Fright, which will now allow you to make the next level of Pickaxe, Ax, and other tools.


  1. Plantera: Plantera is spawned through its Bulbs, which spawn in the jungle after you kill all three Mechanical Bosses. Killing it grants you access to the Jungle Temple via the Temple Key.
  2. Golem: Golem is spawned via the Lihzahrd Power Cell (rarely dropped from Jungle Temple Enemies) in the Altar Room of a Jungle Temple. Killing it drops Beetle Husks and a weapon or trinket. It also has a chance of dropping the Picksaw, which can mine all blocks in the game.
  3. Lunatic Cultist: This boss is spawned by slaying all of the Cultists at the entrance of the Dungeon, after Golem is killed. Defeating the Lunatic Cultist will initiate the Lunar Events, which will lead to the Moon Lord spawning.
  4. Moon Lord: In order to fight the Moon Lord, you must destroy all Lunar Pillars. These spawn in several areas of the map, visible on the map. You must slay between 100-150 enemies, depending on difficulty, before you can fight the pillar. Once you’ve defeated all four pillars, the Moon Lord will spawn in 1 minute. Defeating the Moon Lord will win you the game, but also drops items that you can use to make additional weapons.

Optional Terraria Bosses (Pre-Hard Mode)

Terraria Bosses In Order

  1. King Slime: Summoned with the Slime Crown (20 Gel and a Metallic Crown), or after killing a massive number of slimes during a Slime Rain. Drops Ninja clothes, money, and some additional items.
  2. Queen Bee: Summoned via Abeemination (from dropped bee items) or breaking a Larva block in a Bee hive. Her death causes the Witch Doctor to spawn and some items useful for all class types.
  3. Deerclops: Summoned with a Deer Thing (Flinx Fur, Lens, Crimtane/Demonite Ore) in a Snow Biome. Drops various weapons, primarily references to Don’t Starve.

Optional Terraria Bosses (Hardmode)

  1. Queen Slime: Summoned with a Gelatin Crystal in the Underground Hallow. Always will drop some Crystal Assassin armor and various slime-based items, including a crafting item.
  2. Duke Fishron: Summoned via using a Truffle Worm as bait in the ocean, this flying fish will drop a weapon and a small chance of dropping his wings.
  3. Empress of Light: Killing a Prismatic Lacewing will spawn her. If fought during the day, her attack damage is through the roof. She will drop various weapons and trinkets when she dies. If killed during the day, she will drop Terraprisma, an insanely powerful summoner weapon.

Other Bosses

These are “Event Bosses”, spawned by various post-Hardmode items.

  1. The Old One’s Army event has 3 bosses; Dark MageOgre, and Betsy. These three will drop strong summoning weapons and materials to make some gear.
  2. Flying Dutchman: Spawned through the Pirate Invasion.
  3. The Pumpkin Moon event spawns the Mourning Wood and Pumpking. These enemies drop decent items for Hardmode.
  4. The Frost Moon event includes Everscream, Santa-NK1, and the Frost Queen.
  5. The Martian Saucer is fought if a player allows a Martian Probe to escape.

Written by Andrew Smith