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Terraria Chains | How to Craft

How to Craft Chains in Terraria

Getting around in Terraria is easier than in a game like Minecraft. However, verticality is something that many players don’t take into account. Scaling cliffs is challenging when you don’t have a way to climb down. However, ropes and chains provide a good way to climb up and down until you get a better mode of transportation.

How to Craft Chains in Terraria

How to Make Chains in Terraria

To make chains in Terraria, you’re going to need to find Iron. It’s as simple as going underground and mining a few veins of iron. Once you’ve done that, head back to your house, and craft an anvil. Then, use a single iron bar on the anvil, and craft a chain.

You can get ten chains from one bar of iron, which can be used as a substitute for rope. However, you probably have made a ton of ropes first to get into the mines. As well as ropes and chains becoming useless as climbing gear once you’ve unlocked wings in Hard Mode.

Another use for chains in Terraria is for chandeliers. If you’re the type to decorate your home, you’re going to need a light source, and chains are just the way to do it. Combining blocks with torches and chains will make a chandelier.

Another good option for those who are combat-focused is the Heart Lantern. Using a life crystal and chain, you can craft the heart lantern by hand. This will give you a solid 1 health per second boost, which when placed nearby a campfire, will stack the regeneration effects of both items, allowing for boss arenas to be filled with buffs and boosts from both items, making bosses easier.

Chains are an important crafting item, and while its use may not be important past the wall of flesh, it’s certainly able to create some useful items in exchange.

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Written by Andrew Smith