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Terraria Duke Fishron | How to Summon

Terraria Duke Fishron - How to Summon

The 2D Sandbox game Terraria has a massive number of bosses. If you’re aiming to complete the game, you’re going to have to kill all of them. Once you defeat Normal Mode’s final boss, The Wall of Flesh, you’re going to have to take on the game’s Hardmode Bosses. One of those bosses is Duke Fishron, a Mutant Fish that you need to summon manually. How does that work? Read on to find out.

How to Summon Duke Fishron in Terraria

How to Summon Duke Fishron in Terraria

If you want to summon Duke Fishron, you’re going to have to catch him in your world’s oceans using a Truffle Worm as bait.

To obtain the truffle worm, you’re going to need to grab a Bug Net, a Golden Bug Net, or a Lavaproof Bug Net, and head underground. Your main goal is to make it to the underground glowing mushroom biomes. In which you’ll be on the hunt for this elusive critter. Truffle Worms are rare, so keep searching around the biome until you find one. It only takes on Truffle Worm to face Duke Fishron, so once you have your worm, work your way to the ocean.

If you’re unsure where the ocean is, it’s always on the edge of the world. To get there faster, use a Magic Conch Shell to teleport to the ocean. These shells can be found in Sandstone and Mirage Crates. Once you’ve made it to the ocean, Use the Truffle worm as Bait on your fishing rod, and toss the bobber into the ocean. Once it bobs, reeling it in will unleash Duke Fishron into the world, in which you’ll be able to fight him. Another piece of advice is to develop an arena before taking on Duke Fishron. You’re going to want to make sure you have at least two levels to dodge Duke Fishron’s attacks.

Duke Fishron is a tough boss, but the reward for beating Duke Fishron is some powerful weapons, making them a good optional boss that all players should take on.

Written by Andrew Smith