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Terraria Holy Arrows Recipe | How to Craft

Terraria Holy Arrows

Congratulations on making it to Hardmode! This is where the game gets very interesting, with new stats and many, many more items to farm. If you want to keep getting stronger in Terraria, you’re going to need to update your weapons and armor so you can survive. If you’re using a bow, you’re going to also need to update your ammo. Thankfully, there are plenty of really strong ammunition types that you can farm. So, if you want to make Holy Arrows in Terraria, we can help you out!

How to Craft Holy Arrows in Terraria

Terraria Holy Arrows Recipe

In order to make Holy Arrows in Terraria, you will need to destroy the Wall of Flesh to unlock Hardmode. Head to the Hallow – the area with pink grass and fairy-like enemies – and farm some enemies. Specifically, you need to fight Pixies and Unicorns. The recipe requires 200 Wooden Arrows, three Pixie Dust, and one Unicorn Horn to create 200 Holy Arrows.

These arrows are not exceptionally powerful by themselves. They deal 13 damage, which is technically a big upgrade from the wooden arrows that the recipe starts with. However, they are not the most optimal arrow for traditional gameplay. Instead, they are strong because they summon two meteors from the sky. If those hit the enemy, they can deal about half of the damage that the arrow does.

What you can use these for is with bows that shoot multiple arrows. Bows like the Daedalus Stormbow and Tsunami spawn multiple arrows. These can machine-gun damage out at a boss. Just make sure to keep your damage high! These arrows rely a lot on the power of your bow to stay relevant.

They also work best on the surface. In dungeons, the projectiles will get stuck on walls or against ceilings. The stars will pierce a few blocks before exploding, at the very least.

Terraria’s newest update is great! It offers even more information and more quality of life for you to enjoy. Now is a great time to get into the game! Here are some guides if you want to know even more:

Written by Andrew Smith