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Terraria Musket Balls | How to Make

Terraria Musket Balls - How to Make
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In terms of longevity, Terraria is certainly the little indie game that could, except it is far from little. Of the many weapon types, guns are among the most useful in the game. Most of them require ammo, however, and the humble Musket Ball is the basic bullet. Many players have asked if there is a way to make Musket Balls in Terraria, and we have the answer!

How to Make Musket Balls in Terraria

How to Make Musket Balls in Terraria

Unfortunately, this question has a simple, if not slightly disappointing answer. You cannot actually make Musket Balls in Terraria. They have to either be purchased or dropped by Shadow Orbs, Crimson Hearts, or found in Presents. The easiest way to get them is to simply buy them from the Arms Dealer. He will show up if you have at least one gun in your inventory, and have an empty house for him to move into.

Once he is around, you can buy Musket Balls from him for a mere seven copper coins. This means you can buy 1000 Musket Balls from him for 70 silver, which really isn’t much for players who have made it even partway through the game. Having a large amount of these is important due to their usability as ammunition in nearly every gun in the game. Just as well, they are also the base crafting ingredient for more advanced and powerful ammunition.

If you’re playing on Hardmode and have a Crystal Ball, you can also craft the Endless Musket Pouch. This is provided you also possess 3996 Musket Balls. It will provide endless Musket Ball ammo for your gun. This will free up future stores of Musket Balls to be better utilized for crafting more effective ammunition for hard boss fights later in the game.

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Written by Andrew Smith