The 10 Best 1st Seasons of TV Ever Released

Ted Lasso
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Have you ever watched the first season of a show, and it’s so riveting you think it might just be the best in existence? When you finish the first season, you impatiently wait for the next, hoping it will hold up to its predecessor.

Here are ten popular choices for the best first seasons of TV.

1. The Last Of Us

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The person who started the thread for best first seasons of television mentioned they are currently watching the zombie apocalypse show and claim it is moving up to becoming the greatest first season of television they’ve ever watched.

2. True Detective

Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

Loads of individuals wrote that True Detective is the correct answer to the question. One person claimed True Detective is a fan favorite. However, The Last of Us is creeping up on lists. True Detective is self-explanatory, the truth about a few detectives’ line of work.

3. Andor

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Many people expressed their passion for Andor; the Star Wars show focused on Cassian Andor’s life before Rogue One. This show’s world-building and narrative delivery caused it to become one of the top-performing shows in 2022. “One of the few series I’ve rewatched immediately after finishing it,” a Star Wars fan wrote.

4. The Wire

Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

The Wire is a crime drama series that exposes Baltimore’s drug scene, but the show excels by honing in on multiple points of view. The show spends time with drug dealers, users, and local law enforcement who deals with these incidents daily. David Simon, a former police journalist, created the show, lending truthful insight to the entertainment.

5. Arcane

Image Credit: Riot Games.

Arcane is based on League of Legends and features two champions who coexist in a utopian society. “Arcane leaves threads and set up for coming seasons, but that first nine-episode season tells a heartbreaking story that works even on its own as something of a cautionary tale and greek tragedy.

It’s extremely measured in its use of gore or adult language, with very little of both. Still, it has a couple of sequences that are genuinely some of the hardest things I’ve recently watched on screen, and it features one of the creepiest and most vile antagonists I’ve seen in a while,” a TV buff replied.

6. The Walking Dead

Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

The Walking Dead originated in 2010 and is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic books. The series follows a group of humans surviving a zombie apocalypse that infected America. One fan= expressed, “Say what you will about how the show turned out, but that first short series was absolutely perfect.”

7. Ted Lasso

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Studios.

Jason Sudeikis is no stranger to comedy. Before starring as the titular Ted Lasso, he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live and starred in films like We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses. Ted Lasso is a football coach tasked with coaching a British soccer team. Ted Lasso fans praise the show for Lasso’s good sportsmanship, optimism, and determination.

8. Stranger Things

Image Credit: Monkey Massacre Productions.

In 2016, The Duffer Brothers’ pilot season of Stranger Things broke records. The kids in the show shot to instant stardom after the show aired on Netflix. The original season starred four best friends who spent their time playing Dungeon and Dragons and avoiding bullies at school. When a strange girl with superpowers shows up, the boys try to help her and solve a mystery.

9. Westworld

Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

Westworld revolves around an amusement park with robotic hosts that permit human visitors to act. However, they please.

“It felt like revolutionary storytelling at the time. We’ll just not talk about the seasons after that, lol,” a Westworld worshipper raved.

10. Freaks and Geeks

Image Credit: DreamWorks Television.

Sadly, the first season of this show is the only season. The cult classic stars legends and icons like Linda Cardellini, Busy Phillips, and Jason Segel and tells the tale of two split tribes in high school, the freaks and the geeks.

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