The 10 Worst TV Show Relationships of All Time

Game of Thrones
Image Credit: HBO.

Recently, I started rewatching the DC series Arrow, and I particularly loved how smooth the transition from friends to lovers relationship between Tommy Merlyn and Laurel Lance was. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Oliver and Felicity. Many other shows have done a great job of executing a smooth transition. 

However, some had it so wrong that fans quit watching the series. According to movie geeks in an online film forum, here are some of those shows you might look at differently once you discover what happens between your two favorite characters.

1. Dexter (2006 — 2013)

Image Credit: The Colleton Company.

For some, this series was going well. However, many fans grew infuriated with the fact that Dexter and Deb were… getting involved. Yup, you read that right, his sister.

No judgment here, but what happened to leaving things the way they were? Fans have tried to overlook it. But coupled with that and the fact there was a drop in quality. Well, in the famous words of Harry Styles, “We know it’s not the same as it was.”

2. That ’70s Show (1998 — 2006)

Image Credit: The Carsey-Werner Company.

That ’70s Show made the 90s a great time. The show also served as a breakout role for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, and as much as people loved it, there is one thing that still vexes fans today. It is the way Jackie and Fez’s relationship evolved into the final season. 

3. Community (2009 — 2015)

Community is an American television sitcom created by Dan Harmon. The show may have been hilarious, but the relationship between Britta and Troy took the smile off people’s faces most of the time. Fans say they never asked for it. 

However, one has a slightly different opinion. This person writes, “Sometimes it’s funny and works for the story, but other times I really didn’t like them together.”

4. Friends (1994 — 2004)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Now that I think of it, I am livid that Joey and Rachel even attempted this relationship. In Cardi B’s voice, what was the reason? It’s terrific that whatever that was — did not go past a few episodes, and Joey reconciled with his one true love: food. However, the case might have been different if it had been Joey and Phoebe. They seem weirdly compatible. 

5. Grey’s Anatomy (2005 ; Present)

Image Credit: Shondaland.

“Izzy and George way back in Grey’s Anatomy was so bad it made me stop watching,” a former fan confesses. And it wasn’t just them.

There was also George and Callie’s relationship, which was far worse, and almost all the characters in the show. According to a critic, the show was so bad at displaying platonic love that they cringed whenever a couple was on the TV. 

6. Parks and Recreation (2009 — 2015)

Image Credit: Universal Television.

Ann Perkins and Tom Haverford were also named the Parks and Recreation couple everybody hated. Someone states, “Ann Perkins and Tom Haverford was a ridiculous error on a show that rarely made them. Fortunately, they rectified that pretty quickly.” A big shout-out goes to filmmakers who listen to the audience and fans. 

7. Game of Thrones (2011 — 2019)

Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

GOT fans don’t play about their favorite characters only because the writers tailored each to perfection. However, pair something perfect with the wrong thing, and you risk ruining it. 

According to a GOT fan, everyone was probably looking forward to Jon Snow and Daenerys’ relationship. Still, the way the show did, it seemed forced. They had zero chemistry, and the story progression felt very unnatural.

8. GLOW (2017 2019)

Image Credit: Tilted Productions.

GLOW is comedy-drama series set in the 80s about an actress living in Los Angeles. It’s another classic case of a show that used to be good but lost quality because of two characters. 

One person shares, “I enjoyed the platonic friendship on GLOW between Sam (Marc Maron) and Ruth (Alison Brie). It was such a perfect supportive, friendly connection for these two characters, then they tried to write a romantic turn, and it made me stop watching.”

9. Criminal Minds (2005 —; Present)

Image Credit: Paramount+

Although the thing between JJ and Reid in this series “didn’t go anywhere,” it still upset fans they would try to ruin a good thing. It made things “super weird” and made no sense, especially as JJ had a loving relationship with her husband. 

10. The Blacklist (2013 — 2023)

Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

The relationship between Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler felt so wrong, film enthusiasts think. They were excellent friends, and pushing them beyond that point only made it harder to see them both on screen. 

Liz may have been going through many things, but pairing her up with Ressler was not any solution.

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