The 15 Best Insult Comebacks We’ve Ever Heard

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Sometimes, a person may say something that makes you wonder if they are even human, with a heart. It may be hard to overlook it to avoid stooping to their level, but being the bigger person is always worth it. 

However, there are a few times one should avoid taking the noble course. Of course, that doesn’t mean hurling insults at them, but there are ways to get back instead of “turning the right cheek.”

If somehow you constantly find yourself around trouble or always causing it, here are some phrases to remember when the other person insults you. 

1. “Bet That Sounded a Lot Cooler In Your Head.”

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Use this and walk away for emphasis. This comeback can make bullies think about what they just said and if they could’ve done better. Many people say they would try it out, and you should, too — it’s brilliant.

2. “I’ve Been Called Worse, And I’m Disappointed You Couldn’t Think Of Something Better.”

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This comeback has a “kill them with kindness” vibe. Instead of giving in and retaliating, you can try to sound friendly or kind while you hit them where it hurts. 

3. “That’s The Best You Can Come Up With?”

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And then, you can spice it up by giving them suggestions — I mean, what are frenemies for? That would provide them with a bunch to think about.

4. “People Are Right About You.”

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This hits a personal cord. Anyone you say this to would spend a little over a while wondering what people have been saying about them behind their backs.

5. “Alright.”

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One person shares how this is their go-to: “Yeah, this is usually what I do. Slight chuckle, ‘alright,’ and move on with my day. Staring at them usually works too, but some people don’t like that, which can escalate things.”

Most people who use insults to pass a point are usually looking for or trying to get a reaction out of you. So consider giving them satisfaction sometimes.

6. “Why?”

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This is another example of a one-word comeback that puts bullies in a tight spot. This question would make them think about why they had to involve harsh, mean words. And is there ever a reason except that a person lacks manners?

7. “What?”

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A person describes how they execute this. First, they pull out their earbuds, don on a confused expression, and ask, “What?” I’m looking forward to trying this out.

8. “Are You Doing Okay?”

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Just like any comeback, this one also requires a bit of acting on your part. Give a dramatic few seconds pause while you act genuinely concerned. It would help drive the point home. 

9. “They Let You Out for the Day, and This Happens.”

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I laughed when I read this one. If someone said this to me, I’d probably be indoors for a while. It’s humorous, sharp-witted, condescending, and just what you need to tame a loose tongue.

10. “I Envy The People That Don’t Know You.”

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This is a big gun. I repeat a big gun. Ensure you’re only saying it to a person you’d be okay with never knowing. Then again, it can be a playful taunt between friends.

11. Tease The Tease

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One person advises to “just repeat what they’ve said back but in a high pitch sarcastic tone.” You can add the classic “duh” for bonus points. That would make them feel stupid, hearing what they just said being repeated to them and with a childlike tone. 

12. “Was That Supposed To Be Funny?”

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This is another version of Tease The Tease. Of course, you know they meant the insult to hurt you but asking makes it sound ridiculous, especially if the insult was supposed to be funny.

13. “Sorry About Your Family Issues…”

oops sorry
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Someone shares an invaluable piece of advice their dad gave to them in response to bullies. They say, “Sorry about your family situation,” and walk away, looking very sympathetic and sad. Nice.

14. Make Them Repeat Themselves

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Any reply that would make them repeat what they just said works fine. And don’t stop there, an individual adds, “when they start doing it, you can interrupt and say, “I heard what you said. I just wanted you to hear what you said.” Classic burn.

15. Laugh

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This comeback doesn’t require words. All you have to do is laugh out loud. You know those hysterical, uncontrollable, and sometimes unexplainable outbursts? Go for it. 

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