The (Almost) Best Version of Force Unleashed Is Coming to Switch

The Force Unleashed Switch Multiplayer

The Star Wars Expanded Universe might be dead, but Aspyr is resurrecting The Force Unleashed for the Nintendo Switch. Though, if the announcement is to be believed, it’s sadly not as complete as it could be. Still, there’s a lot for Star Wars fans to be excited about with this latest Switch port!

Unleash the Force in Your Hands… Again


Krome Studio’s The Force Unleashed ranked highly on our list of near every Star Wars game. Where Lucas Arts’ version struggled with multiple development headaches, Krome crafted the most fully realized experience of them all. Each features an expanded story campaign featuring the original script’s cut content. This was on top of each port receiving unique content of their own.

It looks like this version could be incorporating the enhanced physics and models of the PS2 build. The lighting also appears to have received a significant upgrade to overall existing arrangements and several other visual effects. The Force Unleashed will retain its Wii motion controls. It seems that button controls will also be an option as the game supports handheld mode.

The Force Unleashed Switch QTE

What the Force Unleashed Needs for a Definitive Switch Port

The biggest question is whether the game’s superior PSP content will be brought over. While the Wii’s local two-player dueling mode is confirmed, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for content Aspyr could include. The Force Unleashed on PSP port received not only a four-player multiplayer mode but a dueling tower against a variety of unique bosses, historic missions that re-envisioned classic saga moments, and an Order 66 horde mode.

This content has been locked to the PSP version for the longest time. With this set to be the definitive port of The Force Unleashed, now is the perfect time to bring these features to the Switch port finally. Hopefully, Aspyr is exploring this for a future update if they’re not including these features at launch.

All the more curious, the trailer oddly uses a single line of dialogue from The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. It is unclear why they’d reference the DLC exclusive to Lucas Arts’ version. It could be a hint of some surprise or simply an oversight by the marketing team.

The Force Unleashed Switch Multiplayer

Either way, even if it sadly lacks the best bonus features, the port looks incredibly impressive. The Force Unleashed is set to launch on April 20th via the eShop for $19.99.

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