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The Ascent | How to Upgrade Cyberdeck

The Ascent Upgrade Cyberdeck Guide

Configuring the appropriate skills and weapons for your character in The Ascent is vital for your progression. While you may be able to manually upgrade almost every aspect of your flatliner, the Cyberdeck portion works out differently. You’ll have to collect these as you explore the world of Veles, and upgrading your Cyberdeck is pretty simple to do. Keep reading to see how you can upgrade yours.

How to Upgrade Your Cyberdeck in The Ascent

The Ascent collecting Cyberdeck upgrade

When it comes to altering your inventory, you’ll need to spend uCreds and points in order for them to advance. In the case of upgrading the Cyberdeck, you don’t have to spend anything at all. All you need to do is keep a sharp eye during the missions for a glowing red chip. Acquire these chips, and your Cyberdeck will automatically level up. Some might be in chests, others might be lying on top of something. While it is optional to collect these upgrades, it is recommended that players find them while exploring Veles for hacking purposes.

To identify the Cyberdeck upgrade, look out for an orange streak of light highlighting a red piece of hardware. Once acquired, the Cyberdeck will automatically upgrade on its own without you needing to change anything. There are a total of ten upgrades that you can find and level up with, but there are more than ten hidden in Veles. The  different levels are as follows:

  1. TA Lifestyle
  2. City Kicker
  3. Peacemaker CD
  4. Icepick
  5. Plug
  6. Visitor
  7. Manta D
  8. Diva
  9. The Arcade
  10. Ghost of Veles

To view your current Cyberdeck level, head to the Character tab in the pause menu. It’ll be right under Skills and Bounties (Collected). It’ll only name the level you’re on, along with the individual stats for hacking.

There’s a reason behind the optional route for the Cyberdeck upgrades. They don’t offer any bonuses in combat, but they do allow you to hack certain things in Veles. If you continue to obtain the Cyberdeck levels, you’ll be able to hack into ATMs, bypass ICE doors, and unlock advanced chests. So, you don’t necessarily need them to progress in the game, but it does come in handy when you’re curious about secretive paths and rewards.

Written by Andrew Smith