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Every gamer looks for the best in their equipment. Gamers always want the best, whether with a keyboard with the latest switch updates, a mouse with the best grip and feel, or a new processor to match your latest graphics card. A gaming chair is one thing that may often be overlooked but is crucial for your body as you spend many hours in front of the computer. Every chair is a little bit different by design, and over the years, it has gone from something essential to something that can help your back during those long hours of gaming and working.

Best Gaming Chairs – E-Win Champion Series

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The most recent chair I have been gifted the ability to review is from E-Win Racing in the form of the 59 Champion Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair. This chair is a good fit for anyone from five foot three inches up to six foot five inches and up to five hundred and fifty pounds with a very stable base. The armrests sit high enough to give you enough comfort at a good level without awkwardly bending your arms for normal entertainment sessions. This Champion series chair is covered in a dark gray softweave fabric for breathability and comfort. The backrest includes a built-in lumbar support with adjustment knobs for two locations on either side of the chair.

The main improvements on this chair over the next chair I reviewed from them are the wider wheelbase, the ability to change out old armrests quickly, and the magnetic headrest. My last E-Win review had a chair with a wheelbase that was smaller than the seat of the chair, and it caused some issues where if you leaned, you would tip. This Champion chair has a wheelbase that expands to the widest points of the chair, and I haven’t had any issues with tipping. The wheels are also hollowed out with wheel bearings included for long-term use. It gives it a stylish, futuristic Tron-type look. The armrests, like the headrest, are magnetic. If you need to replace them because of damage, you could pull them off and put a new set on. It takes literal seconds. For this and other chairs, you can check E-Win Racing.

Best Gaming Chairs – E-Win Flash XL Series

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The Flash XL Series chair is another one from E-Win, and it stacks up well in most of the similar areas to the Champion, with a few exceptions that have previously been mentioned. This chair is a good size for gamers, big and small, with a weight limit of over five hundred pounds. Unlike the Champion Series, this one is covered with PU Leather from top to bottom. The pillows for the Flash XL are very comfortable for your back and head, but they are both strapped to the back of this chair. This chair was so comfortable that I would lean back, put my feet up on my Secret Labs chair in the same room, and I would pass out like I was in a bed. It was not very difficult to put together, which is always a plus, and only recently has there been a problem with the recliner moving without the lever. The foam cushion is still in good shape after one year of heavy use, so it holds the test of time, unlike some of my other reviewed chairs. With this one, the armrests are similar except for them being easily interchangeable with magnets. They are made with the standard construction of most gaming chairs.

E-Win has always been a company set up to create luxury seats. It started with luxury sports cars and home seating. Having a company that knows how ergonomics work and how to set up a chair with good-quality construction is a game changer. Part of the reason for the wish to make more quality gaming equipment is the founders need to look for new chairs that would work for them constantly. That also explains why their chairs have a higher weight capacity than others because a one-sized chair does not fit all with some companies. For the price point, it is comparable to other chairs that don’t have as many features available.

Best Gaming Chairs – Arozzi Verona XL+

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The Verona XL+ was actually the first chair I ever reviewed, and I still have it to this day. It is an older version of a gaming chair with very few bells and whistles, but it has gone through so much since 2018, so I would say it is a great overall chair for usage. My son and daughter have made it their own, and it survived me going through heavy gaming sessions on it. It is designed for the big and tall customer with a weight limit of around three hundred fifty pounds. It has a standard foam base with PU Leather that is built to last, and it has. It went to gather fairly well, and it was less difficult to assemble than some other chairs. The armrest on this chair is one-directional; it goes up and down but nothing else. As most gaming chairs do, this one has a headrest pillow encased in a leather skin versus the fabric of the E-Win chairs, and the lumbar pillow is in a similar situation. Elastic straps attach to the lumbar pillow and are fully adjustable for your desired back support and comfort levels.

Arozzi is a Swedish company that started in 2013 with a complete focus on gamers, high-end PC users, and more. They have many items, from chairs to desks, mice, microphones, and more. Whether you are a professional or an amateur gamer or streamer, you will find almost anything you need here to start with and upgrade to; for current Arozzi Chairs, go here.

Best Gaming Chairs – Secretlab Titan Softweave Fabric

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Secretlab devised its own Softweave fabric chair, and we got it in the Titan version. The Titan is for the big and tall people, while they also have a smaller version. Another chair boasts a softweave fabric, and this has been one of the top chairs I have reviewed. It is right up there with the Champion series chair with features like the 4D armrests and a good back and head pillow for more support. It has a wide base, allowing you to sit however you want to, whether leaning forward during that FPS gameplay or leaning back 150 degrees just trying to nap. The fabric is very breathable, allowing you to have long gaming sessions without worrying about perspiration and sticking to your chair. The fabric lasts longer than some of the chairs with PU leather, and it truly shows with this one surviving since 2019. Tie that in with the angle of incline so that you can relax comfortably while playing games or watching television, and it makes for an excellent situation for your body.

Like many of these gaming peripheral companies, the founders had problems finding chairs perfect for gaming usage. Ian and Alaric decided to develop their own. They made dozens of prototypes to find that sweet spot in gaming chairs. This company is obsessed with ensuring the detail is there and that people are satisfied with what they purchase from them. They employed many engineers, materials scientists, and UX specialists to make sure the designs for these gaming chairs were the best they could be. They want to bring cutting-edge equipment to the market. The newer chairs can be found here.

Best Gaming Chairs – Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

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At one point, I could review a chair from, at that time, an unlikely source, Corsair. You know the name. It is a company that makes some good gaming components for PCs. I never thought I would review a chair from a PC parts company, but I did. The T3 Rush is a fabric chair that felt like it was designed around a more petite size of person. When sitting in it, the racing-style seat really hugs your midsection and makes you feel strapped in. With this chair, the armrests slid forward, backward, up, and down but would not rotate in or out. It is not a review killer, but not a mark in the win column. The main win for this reclining chair is that it is another fabric chair. Nine times out of ten, I will take a chair that is fabric over a chair that has a leather seat. Not only is it more durable, it is also more breathable, so you aren’t uncomfortable sitting in it for extended periods. It also came with a headrest pillow and a back pillow, which always make a difference when you need to support the two most important parts of your body, your neck, and your back. While it didn’t fit my body size, it had a stable base with a five-point wheelbase. There was never any tipping risk or anything that prevented the casters from rolling freely.

Out of all the companies I have reviewed, a chair from Corsair has been around the longest since 1994. Corsair is a leading developer of high-performance technology in not just gaming components but also for streamers, content creators, and everyone in general. Corsair teams up with these people to spread the word about the products and show how their products are compared to other companies. They can be found here.

Wrapping Up

There are quite a few chair companies to sink your teeth into. The chairs represented here are the chairs that have been actively reviewed so far. The amount of chairs you have available to you is astounding, and there are many reputable companies to give your money to. PR representatives for each respective company provided these to us for review.


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    RPG/Shooter/Platform Lover, who writes about anything and everything especially when it relates to Final Fantasy, Star Wars, or Star Trek. Also a streamer who plays some of these games online.

Chris Bowman

Written by Chris Bowman

RPG/Shooter/Platform Lover, who writes about anything and everything especially when it relates to Final Fantasy, Star Wars, or Star Trek. Also a streamer who plays some of these games online.

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