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The Callisto Protocol Secret Rooms | Where to Find

The Callisto Protocol Secret Rooms - Where to Find

There is so much to unravel in The Callisto Protocol. The outbreak at Black Iron Prison has spelled trouble for anyone who walks on Jupiter’s second-largest moon. As Jacob Lee proceeds through the horrors in this macabre tale, he’ll slowly discover that there are more secrets hiding behind the curtain. While Jacob can acquire audio logs that provide further context for the story, there are two secret rooms that unveil something more sinister at hand. They’re a little a bit of a distance from each other, but you should be able to locate these secret rooms without any issues.

Where to Find the Secret Rooms in The Callisto Protocol

Where to Find the Secret Rooms in The Callisto Protocol

The two secret rooms in The Callisto Protocol appear in Chapter 3: Aftermath and Chapter 6: Below. Both provide vital audio logs that players will otherwise miss if they adhere to the main path of the game. Additionally, visiting the two hidden rooms will unlock the”The Commonality” achievement/trophy. Xbox players will receive 50 Gamerscore, and PlayStation owners will earn a gold trophy for uncovering the mystery of Kallipolis. Be sure to grab both logs during a single playthrough while obtaining “The Commonality” achievement/trophy.

To find the two audio logs, access the DATA-BIOS menu. The first one can be found by selecting the Aftermath chapter and then viewing Duncan Cole’s file. The second audio log is under the Below chapter in Yannick Sage’s file.

Chapter 3: Aftermath

For the first secret room, Jacob Lee will start making his way to the Medical Bay. Progress through Chapter 3: Aftermath until you approach Workshop B415. This will lead you to Supply B426, yet it is locked. Look to the right to find a bloody trail leading into a vent. Crawl through this tight space, leading you to a ruined corridor littered with blood and debris. You’ll essentially jump down until you reach the landing with a hallway showing you the entrance to a room with blue lighting. That is the first secret room. Enter, then pick up the first audio log sitting on a table at the end of the area.

Chapter 6: Below

Later in the game, Jacob Lee is searching for the Power Reactor as he navigates through the underground colony below Black Iron Prison. Upon approaching the Power Reactor room, divert your attention to the cracked wall with a symbol produced by white chalk. Advance through this section to reach a dark and transmuted cave, where the only direction now is down. Descend from the top platform then proceed onward with the infested cave. Tread carefully here; there are a few enemies lurking in the shadows.

Be ready for a surprise attack as soon you enter the second secret room. An elongated foe will stretch its neck outward to you, biting you in the process. Deal with him, and the room will be all clear from there. From here, “The Commonality” should already be unlocked, even before you can find the audio log.

Head toward the end of the room to pick up the second secret audio log, much like how it was with the first room. From there, gather any loot then return to the main path to continue on with Jacob’s journey.

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Written by Andrew Smith