The Cycle Frontier: Best Settings Guide

The Cycle Frontier is a fast-paced shooter where players need to explore an alien planet for resources while fighting against other players and deadly monsters. In this guide, we will tell you the best settings for Cycle Frontiers to get the maximum FPS and performance.

Getting maximum performance while maintaining good visual fidelity is something most people try to achieve when playing a game. Cycle Frontiers is powered by Unreal Engine and is fairly optimized so if you won’t have much probably even on a mid-range or entry-level setup. These are some of the best settings to get the best performance and visuals in Cycle Frontiers:

General Options

Resolution Quality: It determines the resolution at which your game will be rendered. It is recommended to keep this at 100 unless you are struggling with poor frame rates as lowering it will result in blurry visuals.

Max FPS: This can be used to cap the maximum FPS that the game can run at. You can keep it in sync with the refresh rate of your monitor, ie if your monitor supports 144 hertz then set it to 144 FPS. However, the developer has said that there are some issues with the 144 option currently so they recommend keeping this at 120 FPS.

DLSS: It stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling and is available if you are using an Nvidia graphics card from the RTX 20 or 30 series lineup. It uses an advanced AI algorithm to improve the performance of your game while maintaining visual fidelity. This can improve your FPS substantially without any noticeable dip in the visual quality. Set it to the Quality mode for the best performance and visuals.

Video Quality Options

Anti Aliasing: It is used to reduce the jagged edges shown around the objects in the game. Medium is the best choice as it can improve the image quality while not being too taxing on your PC. You can reduce it if you are struggling with poor FPS.

Draw Distance: It determines how far away objects will be rendered in the game and will allow you to see enemies and buildings from a distance. It is recommended to keep this at Epic as you will be to spot enemies from a distance. Do not lower it unless you are really struggling with poor performance, try to reduce the resolution scaling first instead.

Shadow Quality: It will adjust the quality of the shadows of your characters and other objects in the game. Medium is the best balance between performance and visuals as setting it too high can make the shadows too dark. It enhances the visuals of the game but has no practical benefit so you can tune it down if you are facing performance issues.

Post Process Quality: It is used to enhance the visuals in the game by making them clearer and sharper. Once again Medium is the best balance provides the best performance while maintaining decent visuals. Setting it to high isn’t worth the drop in FPS.

Texture Quality: This determines the quality of the textures used in the environment and characters. If you have a good graphics card with 4GB or above VRAM then you can set it to high for improved visual quality otherwise Medium appears to be the better option.

Visual Effects Quality: It affects the quality of the visual effects shown in the game and it is recommended to set this to Low as it can improve performance and show a sharper image. Setting it to high can add a lot of noise and unnecessary details on the objects. For a more competitive experience and better performance low is the better option while you can crank it up if you want better visuals

Foliage Quality: It affects the quality of the vegetation such as trees, bushes, grass and plants in the game. It is recommended to set it to Low as it will reduce the foliage so you can spot your enemies more easily.

Advanced Options

VSYNC: It is used to synchronise the FPS on your game with the refresh rate on your monitor. Keep this OFF as it can introduce visual tearing and limit the maximum FPS that you can achieve

Enable Multi-Threaded Rendering: It allows the game to use all the cores in your system to achieve better performance in the game. This can be especially if your computer is equipped with a powerful CPU with 6 or 8 cores as the game can take full advantage of its power. Keep it ON for a smoother experience

Enable Motion Blur: It blurs the rest of the environment when your character is sprinting or moving rapidly in the game. This is more of a personal preference and most people turn it OFF as it can blur the image making it harder to see things in the game

Image Sharpening: This improves the quality of the visuals by making the image look sharper and crisp. This is again a choice of personal preference as some people prefer the crisper visuals while others might hate it. It does not affect the performance and you can keep it ON if you want.

That’s it, these are all the settings that you can adjust to improve the performance and visual quality of the game. In case you are struggling with poor FPS then you try tuning the settings down one by one for a better experience.

Written by Borut Udovic

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