The Halo Infinite Winter Update Is Coming November 8th

The Halo Infinite Winter Update Is Coming November 8th
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It’s been a long time coming, but the Halo Infinite Winter update arrives on November 8th. It brings a host of features, including campaign network co-op, the launch of Forge Beta, new maps, and mode. 

Despite Halo Infinite not launching with its co-op feature, the wait to explore Zeta Halo is finally over. You and up to three friends will be able to adventure in network co-operative play when the Halo Infinite Winter update launches on November 8th. The co-op also brings a total of 24 new achievements to unlock.

Unfortunately, there will be no local co-op play. Despite the promise of a split-screen co-op mode for Halo Infinite, developer 343 Industries axed the mode earlier this year. “In order to improve and accelerate ongoing live service development,” the studio said, “and to better address player feedback and quality of life updates, we have reallocated studio resources and are no longer working on local campaign split-screen co-op.”

That didn’t stop Halo Creation from being able to find a way to get split-screen running for Halo Infinite. The following steps will allow players to utilize local co-op, courtesy of Halo Creation:

  • Go to the campaign menu and load a save.
  • Select “Play” and prepare to go to your friend list.
  • When the “loading map” appears, go to your friend list and join a friend who’s idling in the menu.
  • Once you complete this, you’re able to leave the fireteam.
  • When in the custom lobby, select “Offline” under the server option.
  • You are now able to connect other controllers and profiles for local play.
  • Select “Play.”

The Halo Infinite Winter update features the first two official Forge multiplayer maps. Detachment features the first teleporter to be featured in a Halo Infinite multiplayer map. Argyle is an arena with a large, open central courtyard complete with various routes perfect for flanking. 

In addition to multiplayer maps, a new asymmetrical mode is being introduced. Covert One-Flag features an attacking team, complete with infinite active-camo, and a defending team, complete with threat censors. 343 developers say the mode feels like a “cat and mouse game.”

A 30-tier free battle pass is included with the Halo Infinite Winter update. Players should expect some fan-favorite additions for armor enhancements. Match XP will allow players to level their free battle pass reasonably. 

Forge Mode is finally here with the Halo Infinite Winter update

One of the most anticipated features from the Halo Infinite Winter update is the Forge mode. While not fully live just yet, the open beta for Forge mode launches on November 8th. It allows players to create new maps, game modes, and more. Forge mode has been a staple of the Halo franchise for years. Like co-op, the lack of Forge mode is another controversial cut from Halo Infinite’s launch. Its inclusion is a long overdue and very welcome addition. 

The Halo YouTube channel features a nearly 13-minute video detailing the Halo Infinite Winter update. Approximately half of that features the new Forge mode, which 343 Industries is selling as the launch of a new age of Halo Infinite. 

It has been a rocky development for Halo Infinite. Despite an initial delay from 2020 to a 2021 release, the game still shipped without core Halo features. In our review, we said that Halo Infinite delivers some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows for the franchise. Halo Infinite multiplayer featured a return to its gameplay roots with satisfying combat but had trouble shaking the progression and monetization issues. 

Paul Bertone, a longtime developer at Bungie, recently joined 343 Industries to work on Halo Infinite. Bertone was at Bungie for over a decade, starting in 2000, before leaving the studio in 2012. His experience with the Halo franchise helped ship every Halo game from Combat Evolved through ODST and Reach. Many fans are hopeful that Bertone’s return and the content featured in the Halo Infinite Winter update can help Infinite get on the right track. 


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