Ranking the 9 Most Annoying Children’s Television Characters That Everyone Loathes

Annoying Children's Television Characters that Everyone Loathes
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Children’s television is usually filled with delightful and lovable characters. Yet some of the people we see on-screen are the exact opposite. They are awful, evil people that we cannot stand. 

1. Muffy – Arthur

First, Muffy is a spoiled rich brat. She thinks that she is better than everyone else. She gets on the nerves of the rest of the cast.

Second, there’s the nature of her father’s work. Sure, on the surface, Ed Crosswire of Crosswire Motors is a car salesman. But crosswise can be a metaphor for hotwiring. This means that Muffy’s family’s fortune is based on stolen cars. She sits on a throne of lies!

2. Peppa Pig – Peppa Pig

One Reddit comment says it best:

“She’s rude, selfish, doesn’t wear a seatbelt, and is always berating her father for his weight.”

Peppa Pig may be one of the biggest stars on children’s television, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t annoying. 

3. Dodie – As Told by Ginger

If there were an award for the “worst friend in the world,” Dodie Bishop would win it yearly.

Dodie’s entire goal in life is to be popular. She craves attention to a fault, often throwing her friends under the bus. She’ll do anything to fulfill her goals but never do the same for her friends. 

One of her worst moments is when she reveals a private list of everyone in the school who has lice. 

4. Norman Price – Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam is a Welsh-based children’s show that aired on BBC1. A character from the show, Norman Price, burned an entire town down without repercussions. 

Norman is the show’s troublemaker with a punchable face, yet he always knows how to avoid trouble. It’s beyond frustrating. 

5. Caillou – Caillou

Chances are that if you ask anyone on the street who the most annoying children’s TV character is, the answer is Caillou.

The character has a voice that’s akin to nails on a chalkboard. He acts up and gets in trouble, yet his parents can only respond with, “Oh, Caillou…” What a bunch of enablers. 

6. Fred – Fred

Remember when the cool thing on the internet was to be a character with an incredibly annoying voice? That’s the entire gimmick of Fred.

Somehow, Fred was not only the first person with over a million YouTube subscribers but also had his very own show and several movies. I guess it goes to show that sometimes you can be super annoying and see success. 

7. Randall – Recess

There is nothing worse than a snitch, and that’s what Randall Weems is.

Miss Finster’s second-hand man does whatever he can to spy on the students of Third Street School. Then, he reports his findings to the administration, provided he isn’t caught beforehand. After all, he’s the most hated kid in school, and no one wants to be tattled on.

8. Arnold – Magic School Bus

Arnold is the ultimate buzzkill. 

All Miss Frizzle wants to do is show her kids a great time. Deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience every week. Yet Arnold has to be the one always to pump the breaks. What the heck, Arnold? Let us have fun! 

9. Angelica – Rugrats

Angelica is mean, conniving, and a bigger bully than that may have tormented you in high school. 

Not only does she manipulate the Rugrats babies, but she also manipulates the adults of the show, too. That’s the true sign of a psychopath. But, at least she always got her comeuppance. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit thread for the worst characters in a children’s television show. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


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