The Next Mass Effect Game Is Using Unreal Engine

The Next Mass Effect Game is Using Unreal Engine

A job posting by Electronic Arts has confirmed that the next Mass Effect game is being built with Unreal Engine.

Brenon Holmes, a Producer at BioWare working on the next Mass Effect title, linked a job posting for the company. One of the requirements is “Full cycle AAA game development and experience with modern game engines (Unreal experience).

While the original trilogy was built in Unreal Engine, Mass Effect: Andromeda utilized Frostbite Engine, developed by EA’s DICE. Frostbite proved to be challenging to use for Bioware and caused various difficulties in development.

Per industry insider Jeff Grubb, BioWare plans on using Unreal Engine 5 for the next Mass Effect title.

EA has had issues across all of their studios after switching to Frostbite for all their games. This appears to be a sign of a reversal of course, which should, in turn, lead to a better finished product.

We’re probably still a few years out from seeing more of the game, so don’t expect any further announcements any time soon. BioWare will presumably focus on Dragon Age 4 first.


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