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The Outer Worlds Cheat Engine | Does the game have cheats?

The Outer Worlds Cheat Engine

The Outer Worlds is out on store shelves today. It’s a title that’s gathered a lot of attention recently, and there’s plenty of questions surrounding it. Which quest yields which item, where the coolest weapons are, how to best beat certain enemies, what’s the best platform, and more. The gaming community is abuzz with The Outer Worlds fever. Then, there are those gamers that are all about the mods, hacks, and cheats. Here’s how to get the most for the least through The Outer Worlds cheat engine. 

The Outer Worlds Cheat Engine and Exploits

The Outer Worlds Cheat Engine

Over the past day, players have been clamoring to see all there is to see in The Outer Worlds. This vast space-based RPG has enough content to keep players engaged for dozens of hours. Some players are less patient than others though. A good chunk of The Outer Worlds players have been looking for all the good cheats and workarounds. 

Unfortunately, The Outer Worlds doesn’t have any inherent cheat codes. There are likely some beneficial bugs to be ironed out, but they haven’t been found yet. Although some more tech-savvy players have found ways of getting virtually unlimited ammo and items though. 

For all the PC players and cheaters out there, there is The Outer Worlds cheat engine. Sorry console gamers, Outer Worlds plays by the rules on all the other releases. Of course, the cheat engine for The Outer Worlds is a fan creation, and should be treated with some caution. A quick google will show up the download across several forums. 

In essence, Cheat Engine is an application that allows players to change different values in the game. Things like ammo, health, and durability can be adjusted through it. However, it will potentially break the game after each update, forcing a reinstall. So, it might just be easier to play as intended instead!

Written by Andrew Smith