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The Outer Worlds Money Glitch | How to farm money

Outer Worlds Money Glitch

Last week, The Outer Worlds released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with the promise of a Nintendo Switch port coming soon. It’s a classic Obsidian RPG, playing like a sci-fi retro version of Fallout: New Vegas. And just like in New Vegas, people are already looking for an Outer Worlds money glitch. Here are some of the more viable ways of farming extreme amounts of money in The Outer Worlds

How to Farm with The Outer Worlds Money Glitch

Outer Worlds Money Glitch

A few clever Outer Worlds players have been trying to find ways of making large amounts of Bits in little stretches of time. After all, the game is predicated by an intensely capitalistic, intergalactic society. It only makes sense to scrounge up as much dough as possible. But just how can players reap all these Bits?

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The only The Outer Worlds money glitch discovered in terms of Bit collecting has been, quite frankly, not worth it. Going through the back entrance of the Emerald Vale Community Center, and into the kitchen, players can find a drawer with 3 credits in it. This can be repeated indefinitely, it would appear. In theory, you can use this method over and over again to farm as much money as you’d like. 

However, this seems rather unnecessary to us, so we have some practical suggestions that will make earning money in The Outer Worlds a little bit easier.

While not exactly a quick way of making money, the Snake Oil Salesmen perk is a good long term investment. It’ll increase the prices on everything your character sells by 20%. Prioritizing this early on is a perfect way of racking up money in the long term. 

On a similar note, the Negotiator perk is also something to gear towards early on in the game. It’ll knock 20% off the price of goods from any vendor. Coupled with the Snake Oil Salesmen perk, it’s sure to up player profits by a large margin. 

Now, neither of these methods are an Outer Worlds money glitch, per se. However, compared to the actual glitch, we prefer the two methods detailed above. Really, it’s easier to perk up, steal everything, and constantly be looting. 

Written by Andrew Smith