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The Outer Worlds Restricted Stock | Why can’t I purchase the stock?

Outer Worlds Restricted Stock

The Outer Worlds is filled with tons of different stats that players can increase along their journey. One of those stats, known as The Outer Worlds Restricted Stock is a prime example of this. However, figuring out how to increase Restricted Stock can be a little bit challenging. Some players are beginning to wonder, why can’t I purchase Restricted Stock?

How to Get The Outer Worlds Restricted Stock

Outer Worlds Restricted Stock

The Outer Worlds paints a dark and sinister picture of the future. Megacorporations running the galaxy, plundering planets and people alike. Just like any dystopia, the rich and famous have got it all. For the commoners in the galaxy, The Outer Worlds Restricted Stock simply isn’t up for grabs. However, there are two ways of getting some:

  • Increasing Faction reputation
  • Purchasing it from Vending Machines 

The first and most straightforward way of getting the Restricted Stock is through increasing reputation with Factions. The Outer Worlds has a fairly simple reputation system. Essentially, forming a relationship with in-game Factions will influence the player’s opportunities, with that same Faction and others. Have a good enough reputation with a Faction, and their respective vendors will be glad to sell you some Restricted Stock increases. 

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However, having a high reputation isn’t good enough for every Faction though. Some simply won’t sell their precious stock, no matter how much you beg. If you’ve aligned yourself with one of these Factions, it’s time to head over to a vending machine. 

While Restricted Stock can be found in a vending machine, it’s more reliable to access if you have the right skills. Namely, players need a Hack skill of at least 40. However, it’s not exactly quick to get, but spending a few levels on the Stealth skill tree is a sure way of getting some Restricted Stock in The Outer Worlds. 

Written by Andrew Smith