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The Sims 4 | How to Clear Lots

The Sims 4 - How to Clear Lots

When you look at the world map in The Sims 4, many sites may catch your eye as places to live and build your personal space. However, most of the best spots have already been claimed by structures, wreckage, or general terrain. However, you can simply use the Bulldoze mechanic to clear any of the lots in the game. Furthermore, you can even Bulldoze the terrain. We’ll show you how to do both in this guide, so read on to find out how!

How to Clear A Lot in The Sims 4

How to Clear A Lot in The Sims 4

To clear a lot in The Sims 4, first click on the lot you want to clear, then select the build icon in the bottom right corner. This will load you into the lot, where you can bulldoze its structures and terrain. Within build mode, select the Bulldozer icon from your top middle icon menu to clear the lot. It will give you two options: bulldoze the lot or bulldoze the terrain. Bulldozing the lot will destroy any structures, buildings, and trees on the lot. Bulldozing the terrain will remove any hills and ground terrain on the lot.

Many players get confused because, unlike previous Sims games, you cannot clear lots from the world map. Instead, you must load up the lot in build mode first. So, regardless of whether there are sims or structures on the lot, you can clear it by loading into the lot, selecting the build icon in the bottom right, then from there using the Bulldoze icon in your top middle dash bar. It’s as simple as that.

You can now build whatever you want on the cleared lot in a clutter-free environment. You can do this for any lot in the game, so eventually, you’ll be taking over and clearing out every lot, to design, build and customize the world as you see fit. And remember, you can place downloaded houses and structures onto the newly cleared lot by going to the Gallery.

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Written by Andrew Smith