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The Sims 4 Is Adding Custom Pronouns

The Sims series prides itself on being a game about people in a virtual world, but it’s aiming to be more inclusive. The most recent entry in the series is The Sims 4, which continues updated with new content to this day. The latest announcement aims for inclusion, as the game will soon include custom pronouns. Gender and sex are already fluid concepts in the game, and this latest step takes inclusion even further.

The Spectrum Of The Sims

The Sims series has always been about creating a virtual collective of humans living in a home, town, or collective. It allowed players to include people from all walks of life to live how they want and simulate their own society. People can follow different career paths, romantic opportunities, or just live as an entirely different person.

However, given how long it’s been since the game first launched, there were a few outdated societal restrictions in place. This update that will allow players to customize the pronouns of all of their Sims in The Sims 4 shows progression in terms of inclusion and representation across the gender and sex spectrum. No matter how players choose to be represented, they should soon find all the tools available.

From the first Sims game to the most recent Sims 4, the core concept has remained the same. Players take control of one or multiple simulated people living in a virtual town. The player is responsible for overseeing the activities of their Sims and lending a guiding hand to their activities so that they stay healthy and active. Their job is to help each of their Sims achieve their goals and live their true selves.

Pronouns are used every day and help to establish and reaffirm a person’s identity. This is very important to living a full and honest life. Naturally, it’s a very important change to The Sims 4, one of the most popular life simulation games out there.

Written by Andrew Smith