The Ten Most Followed Slot Streamers on Twitch

Twitch Slot Streamers - The Ten Most Followed Slot Streamers on Twitch

Watching people on Twitch is more popular than ever, including Twitch slot streamers. While the subject of watching gambling streams has been controversial, slot streamers on Twitch enjoy a loyal audience. In some cases, the viewership rivals or beats the most popular Twitch streamers on the site. Today, we will review the ten most followed slot streamers on Twitch.

The data comes from the research team at Casinos En Ligne. We’ll go over the number of followers for each of the listed Twitch slot streamers and the average viewer count per stream.

The Top Three Twitch Slot Streamers Have Over One Million Followers

Believe it or not, the most popular slot streamers on Twitch all have over one million followers. Topping the list is Trainwreckstv, boasting an impressive 2.1 million followers. Their average views per stream are equally remarkable at 14,012. Trainwreckstv’s biggest jackpot is an $800,000 cash out on Buffalo King. 

Trainwreckstv often collaborates with the second streamer, ROSHTEIN. The Swedish streamer has nearly 1.1 million followers and an average viewer count of 13,464 viewers per stream. While they may be second in followers, ROSHTEIN can boast a bigger jackpot. While playing Pragmatic Playu’s Fruit Party slot, they cashed in a Є2.5 million jackpot. 

Next up is our third and final Twitch slot streamer with over one million followers. Corinna Kopf features 1,020,000 followers and an average view count of 5,337 per stream. Aside from being one of the most followed slot streamers on Twitch, she plays Fortnite and PUBG. Despite coming in third, Kopf has cashed in the biggest jackpot on our list by winning a $4 million jackpot. 

While the fourth and fifth place streamers may not have over a million followers, they’re doing just fine. AngelMelly has 295,000 followers and 285 viewers per stream, and an estimated net worth of $1 million. This is thanks to ventures outside of streaming slots on Twitch. 

Finally, Teuf parlays winning over Є1,057,830 across two weeks into an impressive audience. With 284,000 followers, Teuf has an average of nearly 1,400 viewers per stream. Teuf is a former truck driver that had to retire after an accident made him unable to drive. Sufficed to say, Teuf is doing well for himself now. 

Rounding Out the Top Ten Slot Streamers on Twitch

While slot streamers six through ten may not have the follower count of our top five, they’ve still been able to win big on stream. 

ClassyBeef and their 267,000 have fostered a thriving online community. This channel isn’t one person but instead a group of people. Jonte, Georgi, Biggo, Fredde, Max, and Rune make up the Malta-based channel. With an average of 2,132 viewers per stream, the group always puts on a good show for their fans. 

Next on our list of the most followed slot streamers is DeuceAce. The Swedish duo features 255,000 followers but has an impressive 5,319 average viewers on stream. In addition to being a reported childhood friend of ROSHTEIN, they chased in a  Є129,122 on Pragmatic Play’s slot The Dog House. They have only been streaming for just over two years. 

In eight, we have VonDice. Like DeuceAce, VonDice has an impressive average viewer count of nearly 4,200. Not bad for having 210,000 followers. One thing that helps his viewer count is the Є126,500 won playing Rosh Immortality Cube in 2021.

CasinoDaddy is the ninth most followed slot streamer with 178,000. Like other entries on our list of Twitch slot streamers, CasinoDaddy is a group, not a person. The Swedish group streams an average of 14 hours a day to their 1,610 or so viewers. 

Finally, we have Ayezee and his 153,000 followers. With an average viewer count of 2,013, Ayezee has one of the most popular and active communities. One possible reason for that is his monthly $500,000 giveaways to viewers. 



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