A Generation That Never Grew Up? 10 Things 30-Year-Olds Think They’re Too Old For

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I came across a hilarious thread while scrolling the internet. Someone asked, “What is 30 too old for, in your opinion?” The internet responded by delivering this list.

1. Too Old To Be Worrying About What You’re Too Old For

The number-one-voted response is, “30 is too old to be worrying about what you’re too old for; if it makes you happy, do it.”

One added, “I know people that are 70 still rip dirt bikes around the woods, and you got people in this thread in their 30s and 40s acting like they have one foot in the grave.”

2. Mind Games and Poor Communication

“Mind games and poor communication. I know a newlywed couple like this, and man, it’s exhausting to keep up with the garbage they say and do,” one replied.

A second shared, “My dad is only getting worse with age. He’s spiteful, vengeful, annoying on purpose, and loves to pretend he doesn’t do any of those things.”

3. Sleeping Wrong

“Sleeping wrong,” one noted. “I recently developed some sleep anxiety and needed a change of scenery. So I set up a tremendously cozy fortress of pillows and blankets on the couch and fell asleep.

Then I had a kink in my neck bothering me for the next five days. I didn’t realize until about a week later that my neck was probably hurting because of the half-night I spent on the couch. Wow.”

4. Sneaking Up On Someone

“Sneaking up on someone,” one explained. “I was trying to sneak up to my wife, who had fallen asleep in her chair, and the sound of my knees popping blew my cover.”

Another shared, “My husband tried to sneak up on me earlier this week. He got an (extremely loud) important phone call from a client while crawling on the floor like a ninja.”

5. Judging People for What They Enjoy at an Older Age

“Judging people for what they enjoy at an older age,” answered another. “I rarely cringe anymore. I like seeing someone happy and being themselves and unabashedly feeling joy. I don’t need to get it. Happiness should be encouraged. It’s hard to find for many of us.”

6. High School-Style Drama

“High school-style drama – being on again, off again with an ex. Gossip,” one suggested. Another added, “You would think that’s the case, but Bowling for Soup had it right between my neighborhood and workplace: “High School Never Ends.”

7. Knowing Basic Survival Skills

“Not knowing basic survival skills and relying on someone to do it for you. For example, Cooking, laundry, dishes, and other life skills.” Many people in the thread agreed with this sentiment.

8. Nonsensical Family Members

Many Redditors agreed with the statement, “Nonsensical family members, blood can definitely be dud.” One elaborated, “The trauma stops with my generation.”

Another added, “This is something I see as I approach my 30s. My family isn’t bad people, but I want to finally feel like I’m living my life without guilt about worrying about people who gave up on themselves.”

9. Getting Into a Physical Fight Over Words

“Getting into a physical fight over words,” one suggested. “That ends as soon as you graduate high school. Once you’re no longer a student, it goes from physical altercation to aggravated assault.”

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10. Not Taking Personal Responsibility

“Not taking personal responsibility for your mental health or bad habits. Including living in denial about how toxic you are,” one shared. “This. Going to therapy to work through all my baggage was tough, but knowing how to cope and communicate made life easier,” another agreed.

Finally, one noted, “Started going to therapy recently. I have a lot to work through, but what a friend said pushed me to own my mental health and work on it. ‘The trauma and pain aren’t your faults. But, the healing is your responsibility.’

It’s up to each individual to accept that they need help to work through what’s ailing them. Being honest with yourself and admitting that something is wrong is so liberating. It allows you to better yourself and grow.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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