10 Things That Get Way Too Much Hate And Deserve Another Chance

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In a time when it’s popular to hate on everything, someone asked Reddit, “What gets more hate than it should?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Donkeys

“Donkeys. Those poor fellas just are chillin’, doing menial work, and not disturbing anybody. For some reason, the term came to mean someone utterly incompetent and stupid,” one suggested.

2. Being Single

“Being single,” replied another. “Everybody acts like it’s the worst thing in the world, but if you are content with being on your own, it’s not. It’s quite relieving not to have the responsibility of another person.”

A third shared, “People ask me if being single ever bothers me. It feels weird answering them no, even if it is an honest answer because society has conditioned us to believe that being single is a problem to be fixed.”

3. Liking “Childish” Things

One Redditor responded, “Being an adult and liking things considered ‘childish.’ People get so much hate and get told to ‘grow up.’ Listen, I didn’t get to enjoy my childhood. So let me enjoy things. Let me play video games. Let me watch the animation. Let me buy that Tamagotchi. It’s not hurting anyone.”

4. Nuclear Energy

Another stated, “Nuclear energy. It’s very safe, but a couple of massive disasters due to gross negligence (and also the fact that the word nuclear is involved) have given it a bad image to the point where people assume it’s dangerous and a bad idea. So tell you what the bad idea is, is sticking to fossil fuels.”

5. Black Cats

One noted, “Black cats are some of the cutest, most goofy kitties ever. I love them! The hate for black cats always enrages me because the stupid ‘bad luck’ stereotypes cause actual harm to these cats. 

Everything from black cats not being adopted at shelters to violent acts on the animals. There is a reason people say to keep your black cats indoors on Halloween. Some people are just sadists and monsters.”

6. Going Out Alone

“Solo traveling is freakin’ liberating. Sure, I get a little lonely, but there are NO schedules, and you can randomly stop if you see something even slightly interesting,” shared one. Another added, “I am my favorite travel partner. I get to do exactly what I want for as long as I choose.”

7. Monica Lewinsky

“Monika Lewinsky was 23 and did nothing most people wouldn’t do,” one explained. “She was the victim. Bill Clinton was in a position of power over her, and he abused that power. Not just a position of power but the ultimate position.”

8. Not Drinking Alcohol

“Not wanting to drink,” one said. “When you tell people that you don’t drink, they almost always act like you just told them you juggle heads in your spare time.”

Another added, “Right. Either you’re a recovering alcoholic, or something else is wrong with you. When you say no, you must explain why too. So frustrating.”

9. People With Mental Illnesses Who Aren’t Quirky

Someone suggested, “People with mental illnesses who don’t act like Wednesday or other quirky characters.” Another added, “Yeah, the manic pixie trope isn’t doing much for them.” 

Finally, a third shared, “I think people who over-romanticize the quirkiness or genius of mentally ill people should watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston

He’s a singer-songwriter who created a lot of rough-sounding but low-key brilliant music. He had bipolar, and the documentary does not gloss over how rough that was for him and the people around him.”

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10. Not Wanting Kids

One said, “Being a millennial and wanting to live childless and child-free. For heaven’s sake, let people choose how they want to live. Want to be child-free? Cool! Want kids? Cool!” A second agreed, “All kids deserve to be wanted.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion about things that get more hate than they should. What do you think? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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