10 Things We’ve Been Doing Wrong For Years – And Now We Feel Like Idiots

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Have you ever done something for years, and years, and years, only to find out that you’ve been dead wrong for all that time? If so, it turns out you’re not alone.

The internet has identified several common mistakes that, apparently, are easy to commit for years or even decades. In other words, you’re not an idiot. You’re one of many idiots! Don’t you feel better now?

1. Leaving the Plastic on Your Devices

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The blue tint on your microwave that you thought was the latest trend in cutting-edge speed-cooking technology? That’s for protection, not style, as one disappointed fan of Bagel Bites, Instant Mac, and reheated leftovers found out. After peeling off the film to find disappointingly clear microwave glass, the years-long jig was up.

2. Mistaking Fabric Softener for Laundry Detergent

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Note to self: read the fine print on the bottle of Tide. One stunned laundromat customer only realized their eight-year-long mistake when a stranger pointed out the obvious: Fabric softener is not detergent.

This individual may also be the same person who wore a “kick me” sign for weeks in school before realizing why people kept kicking them. For some, nothing is obvious.

3. Eating the Inedible

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If you haven’t eaten paper at least once, you played far too little truth or dare growing up. However, if you ate the paper on cupcakes and muffins for years of your life under the false impression that it was edible, you’ve made a gross error. (Fortunately?) you’re not the only one.

4. Going Full Moon at the Urinal

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It seems hard to believe, but one unashamed man admitted to going pants-to-ankles at the urinal. That’s one guy you don’t have to worry about peeking over the stall barrier. Otherwise, he would have realized sooner that he was the only guy with his pants on the ground.

5. The Rinse Cup or the Denture Cup?

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What qualifies as a rinse-your-mouth cup at your own home may serve a different purpose at your grandmother’s house. That’s what one disturbed grandchild found out when their grandmother pointed out that they’d been using her denture storage cup as a rinse cup.

Even WWII veterans would shiver at that degree of PTSD(enture).

6. “Itchy” Isn’t a Flavor

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Have you ever eaten a particular food for years, thinking it was so spicy that it made your mouth and throat itch? Well, that’s not a thing. You’re just allergic.

7. Know Thy Vehicle

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One motorist spent countless summers sweating it out in their vehicle before realizing the snowflake button was the air conditioner, not the defrost button.

8. Let Your Deodorant Work for You

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One Struggle Fest annual pass holder spent years prying the protective plastic cap from their deodorant sticks. Hundreds of ouchies later, at the ripe age of 34, the unenlightened deodorizer had their a-ha! moment.

If you twist the deodorant knob, the rising stick of deo will remove the cap on its own. Deodorize smarter, not harder.

9. Double Tipping? In This Economy?!

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One frequent diner was far more generous than they intended to be for about six months. As a recent debit card owner, they did not realize that the “tip” portion of the receipt indicates how much tip to leave on the debit card.

When eating pizza, the diner would leave a cash tip and then write the amount of their cash tip in the debit card receipt’s “tip” field. That’s called double tippin’, brother, and it’s financially irresponsible. Don’t do that.

10. Ryan Z

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If your name is Ryan, it’s essential to understand that the alphabet is not “W, X, Ryan, Z.” You’d think that would be obvious, but one Ryan was apparently far more gullible than most.

Apparently, Mom does not always know best. Sometimes she’s trolling.

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